Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tick Tock, the clock don't stop!

Where oh where have I been you ask!? Well let me tell you!

Bullets. I shall do bullets. I've been meaning to blog, but just keep saying the famous "tomorrow I swear I will do it". And well 10 tomorrows later, here we are!

* two weeks severe nausea, and NO I am NOT pregnant people. Two weeks ago On a Tuesday, I went out with some friends to watch the Heat game playoffs. I had a couple drinks and 3 jello shots. Woke up Wednesday morning thinking, lovely, a hangover. But I was wrong. I was severely nauseated for two whole weeks. Could not eat or drink a thing. Lost ten lbs tho! I had wanted to lose 15 lbs but not in that manor! I went to my dr and she even goes "last menstrual cycle ?" I LAUGHED. I said dr, I know for a FACT I am not pregnant. It takes two lady and I have NOT been sexually active for a LONG time. So she said prevacid. I didn't take it because I did not have heartburn. I went back to get my last shot for school and told her it's still there. She wrote prescription for a gallbladder ultrasound due to me having some pains as well. I ended up going to the ER on Saturday morning. I decided I would rather have a full workup done. They drew blood and urine test. They said I was dehydrated. No duh. But that was not my problem. They let me go with anti nausea meds. Thankfully I feel better after two whole weeks but I am still a slight nauseated and food still doesn't appeal to me. It's very odd. I did make an apt with a gastro for the 29th. So we hall see!

* My sweet Sadie officially has her first cold/cough. She woke up with it on the official day of summer, June 21. My poor little baby! The first few days were difficult, feeling like I was back in newborn days. She barely slept, I barely slept but I know as a kid and still as an adult, colds are the WORST. call me a baby when I get one! I pray this leaves her soon! I think I did very well from keeping her from getting sick for 9 months! Don't you?! Today was first day she napped without being interrupted by a stuffy nose! Mama was able to nap too. Felt great!

* Casey Anthony. Heard of her? This "mother" is accused of murdering her 2 yr old daughter, Caylee back in 2008. The case is in Orlando. Opening day was about a month ago almost. I remember living with my ex at the time when the search was made to find this sweet little girl. All of the evidence points to her mother being guilty. It just makes me SICK and full of so much anger. I have been keeping up with this case every day and even downloaded an app on my phone. I really pray this "mother" gets justice. She deserves to ROT in prison. Yes, it is a death penalty case but I would rather see her live in prison. If you want more details, court is on everyday Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm. On truTV. old court tv station. Changes to HLN at 3. RIP sweet Caylee.

* Last but not least, my lover boy! Ha. Well, not mine yet but the guy I have been seeing and talking to lately, I am starting to like him more and more BUT, taking it very slowly. The other day he came by for two hrs to hangout with Sadie and I. He usually comes by for 5/10 minutes before work or after gym, to say hi and is off. But this time, he stayed and chatted . I had a great time and I hope it stays this way! Sadie definitely likes him and it makes me smile to see him interact with her! I just do not want my heart broken. And it's not me this time. We are a pair, Sadie and I , so it's us, or nothing!

Looking forward to a good weekend!

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Jamilyn said...

I cant believe how big Miss Sadie has got!!! Def go see that Dr, its very common to get your Gallbladder taken out after having a baby, not sure why but Ive known way too many girls who have had c-sections and end up getting it taken out.

Holly said...

Before we starting trying to get pregnant with my first daughter I had constant bouts of nausea. I had an Upper GI done and they found reflux and irritation with a possible start of an ulcer. I went on Nexium for like a month and no more nausea!

The Michelle Show said...

Poor little sicko! I'm glad shes starting to feel a little bit better. And goodluck with the new man - its always nervewracking ut I'm sure even more so with your little one involved!

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