Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick-or-a cute kitty cat?!?

Ghosts, goblins and witches galore
Knock knock knock, who is that at my door?

I pear through the window and what do I see?
An adorable ballerina kitty cat looking at me!

Meow she says with a cute little smile
She says why don't you hang around for a while

Listen to my boo-tiful mommy tell you about our Halloween
We had fun, my mommy and I make a great team!

Trick or treat!!! Happy Halloween! As Halloween comes to an end, well for the little ones and for most of the parents, some are just getting the party started tonight! I hope all had and have a wonderful and fun and safe Halloween! I wasn't as prepared I would say this year. But all in all I enjoyed it and I think Sadie did top, next year she will understand more I think! I am already gathering ideas's in my head for costume ideas as a pair for her and I for next year! Maybe pebbles and mama will be Wilma?! ;)

Last weekend, I went on sadie's first hay ride! She loved it! My dear friend Holly invited us!

This Saturday, mama had her night out, went downtown ft lauderdale with my best friend and a few other friends. I dressed as a rag doll, you like? I had fun while it lasted!

Tonight, well around 4/5 my friend and I went to the mall with Sadie my kitty, (which kitty refused to wear her ears and smudged her whiskers-so I had one hot mess of a kitty!) and we did the trick or treating mall style! She did pretty well, considering mama pushed her in stroller and she was quite content with a lolliop in her hands! Then came time around 7 to go around houses. Well because miss kitty didn't have her 2nd nap, she was not having it. Only went to two houses and that was it for her! :( so off we went back home and miss kitty went to bed! She surely liked playing with her pink bucket of candy tho placing them all on the floor and back into the bucket!

Happy Halloween ghouls and goblins! Tonight was a success-I guess! Ha :)


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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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Procrastination rhymes with WHAT?!

The aroma of Starbucks coffee and cinnamon baked goods, normally should get my taste loads flowing, but in reality, I wanna throw up. Pulls the trigger right about *now*. anyone??

I am sitting in the cafe at Barnes and Nobels now, Wednesday 11:00 am and I decided to not go to class today AGAIN, 2nd time in a row. What the JIGGINS is going On in my head to think it's okay to do such a thing?! I took a *break* from class yesterday, didn't go, and again today. Yes, I know what you're thinking, it's not high school anymore Jill. Last time I did that was 7-8 years ago. I am 24 years old, a adult, a might I add. I cannot afford to be doing that. One day, okay. But not two. I was given a pell grant to pay for my school which started in August. Why did I choose to do this now? Especially when the important stuff is just now starting. Phlebotomy and EKG ?!

We just learned phlebotomy last week. I have yet to read the chapter (update: I did today. For some reason I could not get this to post so I had to rewrite everything as I saved it. Thank god). Yesterday in class, we were supposed to perform the rocedure venipuncture on dummy and she would grade us on that. Counted as a test grade! Wasnt there. I wasn't ready. I was nervous for one, and two, I just did not study the steps enough. My friend was even willing to meet up with me to help me before class. I choose not to go. Today, I missed another written test which I was SO not ready for so I thought this morning before waking up, why go and take this test and fail it? Today they started on EKG. ah! Lots of important info I cant miss! I spent my day in the bookstore, blogging and studying like I should have earlier in the week.

I think ever since my breakup with my boyfriend a month ago, it has been getting to me. I cannot though use that as an excuse or anything else for that matter! When I was with him, we would always go and study. Now? I see myself not caring as much. This is for my daughters, Naomi and Sadie. I want to make them proud. I owe it to them, I owe it to myself. Do I want to stay at my parents house forever? Hell to the fudge no. I want to one day purchase my own car, move out and decorate my own little place how I WANT IT. I want out of here *one fine day* and by me doing this, I am not inching my way any closer out that front door. Why did I not go you ask? Simple. I was and am a total idiot. I had my weekend, well long weekend, I only have class class Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. Mondays and Fridays are online. I usually do not do anything on those days thinking I can have my long weekend and procrastinated til Monday night and cram studying and homework in. No bueno. Not smart. Not working for me. I'm slipping. I feel it. I can't let myself get in that dark hole. I am NOT the smartest cookie in the world, not the brightest crayon.

I need to get in the habit of studying at least 2-3 hours a day. It is hard with a 13 month old. BUT, there are mothers, single mothers, who go to school, AND work AND take care of their child(ren). So I think I have it hard. I do, but not as hard. I need to ask for help. I dont't at home with Sadie. She is my daughter, I take care of her. I feel like I am a bad person or bad mother if I ask or accept it. I just need to figure out some type of schedule ie; playtime with Sadie, study time and exercise:mama time. I swear there is just not enough time in the day. I need to prioritize big time. I seem to have them mixed up. Facebook should NOT be on the first line. I am obsessed always checking it. I need to lay off just a tad. Maybe once my work and studying are all done, then I can play and "check". Others lives should not matter. They aren't the ones needing to study or will give me my A.

I needed to get this out. I already caught up on blogs. Which again should be the last thing. I am worrying every day if I don't catch up. Like Facebook. I think I will start making blog catch up days on Friday! I need to attend to my studies. I feel like I Screwed up by not going to class these two days. I missed a lot. A test and a procedure test and EKG info. I feel like I failed. I can change this. I need to. I have no choice. This is for my sweet girls, Naomi Hope and Sadie Marie . I would do anything for them.

let's get to the studying, shall we?!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A check up & other misc!

It's 2:17 in the wee hours of the night. I have to be up at 6 am to get ready for class and leave at 7. Lovely. I never have this problem not being able to sleep. Ugh! So what better way to spend my hours awaken blogging! I've been putting it off and putting it off too long now!

So I guess I should update you all on my Sadie girl! Just last Friday we went for her shots because prior to that Friday, a week ago from it, at her 12 month check up she was sick with a cold and they suggested as well as I to wait on shots until she clears up a bit. We found out she is 16.4 lbs! Tiny but mighty that's for sure. Shes just a petite little thing-like her mother, or so I wish I were smaller! ;). They said she is moving up slowly on her growth chart was 3% now 5%. I am worried I know she was preemie a late term one, and they say they catch up at 2, I just hope she does! Dr said she SHPULD be sleeping through the night by now . hahah NOPE. Hasn't since newborn, well okay I can couture 6 times on my fingers that she has. Not enough! I need to figure out what I am doing wrong! Also asked how many words she can say. I couldn't think and right then and there being on the spot I said two. They said she should be saying 3-5. Ah as I was driving home I was going over in my head the words she can say, and definitely was 3-5 range. Oops. So I feel like I better tell them just so they can change that in her chart! Otherwise she is doing pretty good! Made mama proud!

This weekend on Saturday we attended her first Halloween party- BYOP wanna take a guess at the name?? Bring Your Own Pumpkin! Was a great idea huh?! All the little ones brought their pumpkins and they decorated them with feathers and silly eyes and paint and stuff. . My good friend Holly hosted the party. She is an absolute fanatic of Halloween! Her sister made the dessert table and OMG I lingered by that table all night! The house was decorated so cute and had Halloween music playing. Great food and company! Everyone adores Sadie. She seemed to be the life of the party. She would have kept going had I let her, but it was time for "kitty" to head to head home for bed! Her costume was a tad big but it worked! I drew whiskers on with my eyeliner, not the best she would NOT stay still ha. And painted a little mosey on her! She was NOT having her ears, so figures! But I might say she looked mighty purr-Ty!

What are you all dressing up as for ballpark? What are your little ones being?! I wish I had more of a creative Side ! I thought I could have been Ariel and Sadie could be flounder last minute before party! Mama went as a 60's girl! Everyone loved the costume !

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

A late birthday post and then some'

It has been too long since I last posted! I had "blogging" on my to do list, and well you know how the old saying goes "tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow". I put it off way too long and I apologize!

Last I posted was on the eve of my sweet little girls BIRTHDAY! How in the world could it be a year already? In the blink of an eye is an understatement I say.

The party couldn't have gone better. We had the party at my parents house, where I am living (one fine day, one fine day my friend keeps telling me, I will be out on my own, gotta keep chugging along until then!). A lot of my friends showed up that I hadn't seen some since highschool or some it just has been some time! We had lots of yummy food some made, some from Sam's. Oh! Let me back up a minute!

THE CUPCAKES. Yes the cupcakes. Oh my. So the morning of Sadie's birthday I went to my best friends house around 9, thinking oh I will be out by noon. Boy, was I wrong. We had planned to make 3 dozen cupcakes. We found such a perfect recipe, I wanted rainbow cupcakes since she was my "rainbow baby" after all. We ran to the store got last minute ingredients, grabbed breakfast and were off to make and bake! We made the batter and divided it into 5 bowls. Then we used food coloring for each layer. We then started one by one to layer the colors. It was VERY time consuming. We started out using a spoon to layer blue first. Before this we tested two, blue on bottom on one cupcake and red on bottom on the other to see which looked best. The red on top was the winner! So we started layering blue but just in one cupcake then green and so on but you had to be very careful not to mix the colors and spread it. I was having such a hard time I wanted to give up. Finally we thought, why don't we layer all blue on each dirt obsess of going by one cupcake. Duh. That made it a little faster. The way we were going I looked at time was about almost NOON! I thought let me call my friend to see if she can come over to help. She came to the rescue and by golly, what an idea she had. We made "pastry" bags instead of going by tiny spoonfuls to layer the cupcakes. It went by SO much faster. I don't know how we didn't think of that before. We decided on making 24 instead and I decided I'd pick up a thing from Publix. Time was of the essence and we still had to do the frosting! Well we finally got them done and I was out of there at THREE! I had to rush home to Sadie and get showered and ready for the party!

Thank god for my parents and grandma. They decorated beautiful. I really wish I could had gone overboard and done more and hired someone but I unfortunately don't have those kinds of funds. Maybe next birthday party! It was nice to see friends and family. Sadie was such a hit of the party! She was too funny to watch and was dancing and kept following my friends nephew around and stared him down. It was then time for Happy Birthday! I put her in her high chair and gave her her own big cupcake we made especially loaded frosting for her. We all sang and I got teary eyed because I kept thinking of Naomi and how she isn't here and things. I then quickly directed my attention back to sweet Sadie and I knew she was watching her sister from above. Sadie was so dainty with the cupcake it was so cute and we all got some laughs in. By the time presents rolled around, Sadie wasn't having it and I decided I will open them later. A few favorite hurts stayed back and I opened theirs. She all seemed overwhelmed with all the toys! I swear you can have thousands of toys and they much rather walk around the house and play with pans and what not! Ha

So Party was a success and it couldn't have been better! I officially have a one year old and I can't believe it!

Sadie is a very loved little girl just as her sister was and is. I also must mention, this ABSOLUTE beautiful beautiful gift I got from a fellow mommy/blogger friend who I have grew close with from a far. She made a photo book of Sadie's first year and sent it to me for her. I cried. It was absolutely amazing. So beautifully put together and I am so glad I will have that to cherish and look back on. Thank you LAURA!! :)


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