Friday, June 29, 2012

ABC's of ME

Stole from another BLOGGER! :) A. Age: 24, HALFWAY TO 50 on August 20th! AH! B. Bed size: Twin, I am in NEED of a new one! C. Chore you dislike: Putting away laundry! D. Dogs: Yes, an annoying ass German Sheperd but I do love him, he's great protection! E. Essential start to your day: Wish a kiss from Sadie as she wakes me up! <3 F. Favorite colors: pink, white, black G. Gold or silver: silver H. Height: 5'1 I. Instruments you play(ed): Viola-NOT the violin J. Job title: FULL time mama0---process of job hunting! K. Kids: 2, one in Heaven and one on earth L. Live: I'm in MIAMI bitch. M. Mom’s name: Denise. N. Nicknames: Marish, Jillybean O. Overnight hospital stays: with both pregnanices P. Pet peeves: Not putting on turn signals, or turning into the turning lane THEN putting on the signal, people chewing grossly with gum or food, liars. Q. Quote from a movie: "stables, NOON!" It Takes Two baby. I got SO excited when I saw it on the DVR that my sister recorded. I KNOW that movie like the back of my hand! R. Righty or lefty: LEFTY. S. Siblings: too many but three. T. Time you wake up: 7-8 depends on Sadie U. Underwear: shorts kind! V. Vegetables you don’t like: CARROTS. W. What makes you run late: Sadie? X. X-rays you’ve had: Teeth and chest and back Y. Yummy food you make: I don't make food, I need to change that! Z. Zoo animal you like: SEA OTTERS!!! TOO cute

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Call Me Maybe...and that he did!

"Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, so Call Me Maybe?". We all know those catchy lyrics to the hit song Call Me Maybe, right? It is on the Billboard's and has been in the top 10 for quite some time. That song will never get old to me. Carly Rae Jepsen, she made it happen.

A couple weeks ago, I would say back in mid March or April I came across an article covering the song and basically it said how that with this song she hopes the lyrics will inspire people to take a risk on love-even though she's not ever had the guts to do it herself. I happened to take a snap shot on my Iphone of the article and I kept it in my phone, where it still is now!

I went to this technical school for my medical assisting) and well I started noticing this guy at school I would say around March/April. He would always be walking outside in school like at lunch time or break time sometimes I would see him. Always wore regular school clothes so at that time I wasnt sure if he was in HS there (they have HS too) or if he worked there or what. He would always park across from me in the parking lot, he would get there same time I did so thats how I knew about his car. I always thought to myself that boy is so cute but I thought oh he probably has a girlfriend or whatever the case may be.

I even had noticed he works at my local grocery store, I thought maybe its not the same guy but it was! Well I had thought I might try and be brave and do this call me maybe thing. I decided to one day cut a piece of paper and write Call Me Maybe on it with my number and name. Not thinking he might not know that song, haha. One day at school he was walking back and forth as he always did by himself and he was in his jumpsuit (does auto-mechanics I began to find out. He ended up coming and sitting behind our table and I was freaking out. But never said anything, just always would have his headphones in and listening to his music. I had told my few friends at the table that I have that paper (ready to go in my wallet)They told me to do it right then and there but I was scared I was way too chicken to give it to him. Plus I look so different outside of school. No way would he go for me in my scrubs!

I told myself next time I see him I have to do it though I didn't want this boy to get away even if it didn't work out, I had NO idea what would happen honestly.. Well it was Thursday (the weekend of Cindo De Mayo). That Thursday night, I ran up to the store for milk for my daughter because I was going to be staying the night at my friends house with her. He happened to be working and was outside pushing carts. I was like OMG, this is my chance. Well I ran in got what I needed then I went to get gas. I quickly made sure he wasn't outside or looking, I took Sadie ran quickly to his car and put that little number on his windshield praying it wouldn't blow away! I kind of wanted to remain a mystery almost. Then I called my best friend to tell her that I did it. Well maybe 15 minutes into the call, I get another call beeping in, I said let me answer I don't know this number-just hang on. Well, guess who it was!?!? DANNY!!!! I was in complete shock. I had NO idea he would call let alone that soon.

He said "Hey is this Jill?" I was like Yes...I was nervous! AH! Then well He said "did you put your number on my car?" I said yes...Hes like oh okay cool. Then he was wondering why lol. I briefly told him and asked to make sure that he goes to my school and he said yes. I told him I had noticed him around and thought he was really cute. I guess in my nervousness I forgot to mention HOW I KNOW WHAT CAR HE DRIVES! I think at first he was thinking I was a stalker. But he began asking how do I know what he drives. I explained to him how he would always arrive to school when I did and not many others would be there and he parked across from me.

Well he was like cool and he said he couldn't say much back because he didn't know who I was or what I looked like. I told him I was on my way to my friends and he asked if I could send a picture. I said sure. We got off the phone and once I got settled in with my daughter and got her in bed around 10 I sent him a picture that night of me, two. His response "you look really really good" I was happy to hear that. He asked if he could call me after he gets off work I said sure. Well we spoke for a little bit that night and then the next day on Friday we spoke for three hours straight! and then another 2 hours later that day. We have so much in common its a tad scary and he's too funny. Well he ended up saying since we both like the beach we should go and "meet up there". I was like for a FIRST meet up aka date or whatever you wanna call it, that's HUGE for me, esp in a bathing suit. We talked a lot that night before and I kept saying how nervous I was my stomach was in KNOTS! I let him come pick me up Sat (Cindo De Mayo!) for the beach. We both suck at directions so that kind of broke the ice right away made me laugh we didn't know how to get to our local beach! OOPS!

The beach was AMAZING. We got there and he made a joke at how wow I really am short. He thought I was taller 5'3 -5'4 from the picture I sent I said no I am 5'1 he didn't believe me on the phone. The water was a tad cold but I managed. Somehow maybe 30 minutes in we locked hands and shortly after he ended up kissing me! I did not expect that, but I surely wanted to right away but I thought NO way can I! It was just truly a wonderful time. He held me in the water because I was just so cold and we chatted and had a great time.

Well fast forward to today, things are going great! We are still in the process of "talking" and getting to know each other. I met his parents and he met mine. He has also gotten to meet my little Sadie girl, and we met each others siblings. We have gone out with groups to watch the MIAMI HEAT in the playoffs and things like that, watching movies at the house together. Just taking things slow, for once, I really like him and we have a great time together. Makes mama happy and I can really see something good in this. I am just shocked how all of this has worked out. I have NEVER given my number to a guy before. And it is a cute little story to tell. I remember when I met his mom he put me on the spot for me to tell the story in my words how I met him! Made me blush!

Call Me Maybe, and that he did

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some say ketchup, I say CATCH UP!!

Where do I start? It's been almost two months since I last wrote! Forgive me! Been so busy with school, my little girl, a new boy (yes that story is to come!) and heck just life itself! I have been meaning to blog but life has got the best of me. I will try and sum it up as what's been going on in my life within the last two months!
A big event that happened on June 2, I GRADUATED!!!! 10 months flew on by, and I am now a registered medical assistant! Whoop whoop! It was a huge thing for me to accomplish as being a single mother and also because I had left HS in senior year (like an idiot, but hey I wouldn't be here today nor have my sweet Sadie girl) and did not graduate. So being able to walk across the stage with my classmates in a cap and gown was great! Couldn't be happier. I am not stopping there! I would like to go on once Sadie is a little older, to either nursing or as an ultrasound tech! I have found it more interesting since I had a good number of hospital stays with my pregnancies.
My best friend and other good friend we went out that night to celebrate. It was a great night, even got a hotel and mama got to enjoy herself! I even was bought drinks by the bartender and random people! My friend made me a sign that said "I did it yah bitches" and on other side "buy me a shot". I wore it! Heck yes I did! And a graduation princess crown! Ha I hate hate hate "princess" crap but I wore it because she got it. Hey, I got drinks out of it, I'll take it! Some thought I got married, I played along with some, some asked where I graduated from, I messed around with them saying Harvard or something outrageous! Def a good good night it was! I deserved it!
Other than that, I have been going out with friends and this boy who again I will speak of in the next post! We all been going out a few nights a week to watch the basketball games and semi-finals and now finals! LET'S GO MIAMI HEAT!!!! Any HEAT fans out there?! I have plans tonight with the best friend and another very good friend and this boy to watch the game at my sisters house. I am quite excited! Haven't seen him since Saturday so that I am more excited for I think! Ha
Well no more boring you with words, lets bring out the pictures!!!
And can it be true?!? I have an almost 21 month old, how in the heck will I be planning a TWO year old birthday party?? How can that be?
We actually just got back last night from her first plane ride to her great grandmas house in Philly! It was just a short short trip but only to visit and let some family meet Sadie. Besides I had to get back to apply for jobs!!!


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Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy 3rd Heavenly Birthday Naomi Hope <3

This morning at 9:16, three years ago, I was made a mother. I heard the tiniest cats meow and it was coming from my baby girl as she was pulled out of me. And away she went to the NICU.

I am one of the lucky ones I like to think. Some were robbed at meeting their sweet babies who were stillborn due to this ugly, ugly disorder, Preeclampsia. Some, I have come to know, had to make that gut wrenching choice to continue or stop treatment. Naomi, lived 35 short days. I spent 11 hours or so each day visiting her, getting updates on her, taking pictures of her, having family and friends come up to see her, changing her, taking her temperature. I was given time with her, I got to meet my daughter. Then she just got very I'll, and she was just too tiny. The infection took over her body, she was oh so perfect, 10 fingers, 10 toes, the cutest nose, beautiful eyes, two ears. Had it all. Just was too premature.

28 weeks I carried her for. All along I knew something wasn't right. I just felt it. I acknowledged it with my dr and the swelling early on and here small I was. Just didn't seem right to me. But she wrote it off as normal even tho it wasn't. Not at the stage I was in pregnancy.

Not a day that goes by that I don't think of her or miss her or wonder how she'd be today. What would she look like? What would she be doing? What, if any, would the struggles I have raising a preemie? I wish she were here. I wish I could see her.

This morning, as tradition, I took Sadie to the beach, ended up meeting with another BLM and I let a balloon go up to Naomi at 9:16. I cried, as I watched it fly away up into the sky. My friend consoled me and we cried together. After all she was told on April 27, two years ago she was going to have a c -section Ag 26 weeks but instead was sent home only to come back hours later and have one the next night. We have become so close due to our similar stories in loss. She's been there for me just as my other close friends have and I can't thank enough. Tomorrow I will be going to her place with a small family get together to celebrate her sons would be 2 yr birthday and Naomi's would be 3 . It is going to be another very emotional Day for both of us.

I love you Naomi Hope. Miss you so much and little Sister Sadie loves you too. When mommy would cry she would look at me and say "Emi" all day today. <3

Fly high baby girl.


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Sunday, April 8, 2012


HAPPY EASTER! I hope all had an EGGCELENT weekend! ;)

I am just going to post pictures before I head to bed, I am one tired mama!

Saturday we had our family lunch for Easter because both my mom and dad worked today.

Sadie did not visit the Easter bunny this year, for my own personal reasons I choose not to. Maybe next year.

But he definitely visited her! Grandma and my friend Krystal showered her with lots of fun and yum yums!

My friend Holly invited us over today for a hunt for eggs with her niece and one other little boy. 200 eggs for 3 kids! Ha. Sadie enjoyed herself for sure this weekend!


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