Monday, November 28, 2011

Coming to an end

It was awesome while it lasted. A very much needed break from school. We were originally we're supposed to have just two days off for Thanksgiving. But we got a week off! Got to spend some much needed time with Sadie and family and friends!

Did not do anything special for Thanksgiving this year. Did have a family dinner on Wednesday because my father worked Thanksgiving. Seemed quiet at the table.

This past weekend I went out with a group of friends to the usual hangout of Artbar. That was much needed! My best friend brought fake light up ice cubes to put in our drinks and everyone was eyeing our drinks and we even were asked "hey where did you get them". Ha. We were special! We spent the night at my parents beach condo and went to breakfast on the beach and laid out for a bit!

A classmate from class came over and we even did our nails! Unfornately, school is back in session tomorrow, so I have to take it off, medical assistants aren't allowed to have any on. That is just dumb. Oh well!

The countdown to Christmas is on! I cannot believe it is that time of year again. I swear it feels like I just went out for new years shorty after having Sadie. Time certainly does fly!

This next month is filled with lots of fun parties and concerts and activities! So excited! AND Christmas break will be here within two weeks then come January we start clinicals! Ah!


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Friday, November 25, 2011

Dear Ellen....I am that girl.

As a 24 year old single mommy, living back at her parents house, going on 2.5 years now, I don't have much time for myself, and that is OK. But when I do have time, I love to sit down, for an hour and watch Ellen. Weather I watch it when she is on or when I DVR it. For example, last night I watched 2 episodes of her that I had on the DVR. I don't watch much. Only Ellen and Dr Oz, and the Doctors, and Desperate Housewives. Otherwise, you won't find me sitting down watching tv. Just do not have time for it nor do I care to watch much.

I got into Ellen when I was pregnant with Sadie. After my 4 hospital stays, being stuck in bed, all I had was the TV and eating my meals or visitors to keep me occupied. So I found Ellen. Let me tell you, best find ever. She is absolutely HILARIOUS. I can picture her smile and laugh when she thinks something is just so funny. Makes me smile. Makes me laugh. Makes me cry Im laughing so hard. WHO does not like to laugh? Anyone?? Yeah, thought so. Well after I had Sadie, I continued watching Ellen. I even got my mom into it. My mom laughs so hard too! When you see someone laughing, you cant help but either laugh or smile. Laughter is contagious. I simply LOVE IT.

So as I sat down and watched my episodes of her last night. Ellen had on those ADORABLE British girls, Sophie and Rosie that have made like EIGHT million views on youtube of their singing of Superbass song of Niki M. It is SO freakin cute! She has had them on like three times I want to say already. The words that come out of her mouth and the accent gets me every time. I had a good laugh watching them. Ellen sent them to the VMA's to interview the celebritties. Also sent Rihanna to pay them a visit. You will have to watch that clip to see what I laughed about. Ellen asking them about a "sack of potatoes".

Then the next one had Black Eyed Peas on. I wanted to record that one because I had just went to their "break" concert. They are having a break NOT a break up. That was a pretty good concert! Cee Lo Green was there, TPain (BEST PERFORMANCE! out of them all and big time slot), Jason Derulo (I was dancing with "riding solo"), Sean Kingston, and Queen Latifah also had an appearance! Anyways, and in the middle of the show, Ellen surprised a deserving family.

Ellen is beyond generous. She is so kind. She has something about her you just do not see. Such a happy and energetic and fun person. Too bad I couldnt get to know her in person! Amd you cannot forget she is HILARIOUS! Well after that story, I just sat there and cried. I felt bad for the family, yet happy after what she had gave them. But I also cried, because that very same family, was ME in a nutshell. This family she had on, was from Florida. (Where I am from). The husband and wife have a 9 yr old boy and 11 month old daughter. The husband lost his job, and they had to move in with their mother in law, was only supposed to be for 3 months but has been going on for 3 years. Their car is in very bad shape and was about to be repocessed. The mother had to sell her own kids xbox to get money. They are scraping the car for "loose change". Yes. That is me.

Ellen surprised them with first a stroller and a couple baby supplies AND a years worth of DIAPERS. She also gave them $10,000 in cash. Of course brought out an X box so she can replace the one she had to sell for her son. Ellen told them they were "limited" on the amount of cars they were allowed to give out. Which had surprised me. She told them they werent able to get one so she gave them money to help out. Well turns out, at the end of the show, she surprised them with a brand new 2012 car (forgot the type). The mom was just SO SO very happy. HEck who wouldnt with a brand new car?

Yes, I am that family. Except I am a single mom, living at home, and yes with the help of my parents. and I HATE it. I do not want to live like this anymore. I am going to school to better myself, but sadly, I wont be out of here any time soon. I do not have a car. I used to be driving my parents old raggy van, but not anymore. I am stuck at home. I just cannot get a job right now. Not possible, I cannot afford daycare. I have absolutely no money to my name. I hate not being able to give to my own child. My parents have to help. Its embarassing, its sad, I cry a lot and lately I have. I said to my mom the other day, I cant get presents for my own daughter. After Naomi that was my dream, to have my child and obviously to support him or her. No my parents are. I ran out of the money I once had. Wasn't much due to a situation from my past. No, not drugs, not nothing of the means you could be thinking of. I PROMISE that one.

It is my DREAM, to have my own car one day, my own PLACE to call HOME. I see lots of friends purchasing new homes and decorating it. I am so happy for them but it saddens me a lot. I feel like I will NEVER get there. I do not want to be 30 and still living with my daughter in my parents home. I want to have the simple things in life. I want to be able to pay bills. I want to do it all. One step at a time, rings in my head by Paula DeAnda. I know I can do this, but just with a little help.

I was invited to a dear rainbow mamas birthday party for her son. I had to tell her today I cant go. I dont have a way over there, 2 hours away, nor can I afford a gift. It feel terrible and I am so sad. I love this little family. I simply cannot go.

So yes, after months of having it on my to do list, I have "wrote Ellen". I am asking for help. And again, I HATE IT. I do not and barely ever do I ask for help. But I am simply stuck. I have tried purchasing lotto tickets and scratch offs hoping to win "big". But that obviously was not in my cards. I am at my wits end of what to do. So yes, I am that girl. Will be sending out my letter today. I know it could be worse, I am lucky to have a home, to have food, to have my little clothing that I have and my sweet little girl. But there comes a time when that wont be enough. I simply need help.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My favorite things..

The other day I was watching tv, or had it on and in the background I heard the song "these are a few of my favorite things"..and all of a sudden I had an idea! I wanted to make my own version of that song! So what did I do? I got to work! I sat by the computer and started writing down some things and going verse by verse to kind of copy it like it was in a way.

I got half way done taking 45 minutes, and OFF goes the power switch on the computer. What happened you ask? No. The question should be WHO! Little miss Sadie got under neath the computer table and happened to flip it off! And its funny because I thought I should save my work because shes done that before when I was on websites. I got very upset because I had spent so much time on it and it was clever, or so I thought.

Thankfully, I had some scratch paper I wrote rhyming words on and maybe one of the lines I used and I was able to remember the first two verses! And then I came up with the other stuff! You cant just "read" it. Have to sing it! I went into my dads room to read it to him and I realized, SHIT, I have to sing it. Its a song. lol. Well I did and he laughed and said "Jill, thats really great! Good job". I left with a smile on my face...

My Favorite Things

Rainbows in view and wings on butterflies
Kisses from Sadie and sweet baby lullabies
Sparkles or glitter that should bling bling
These are a few of my favorite things

Fun Facebook statuses and cups filled with coffee
Snowballs and basketballs and desserts with toffee
Laughter with friends that make my heart sing
These are a few of my favorite things

Getting high scores in Words with Friends
Pinning on Pinterest and finding new trends
Excitement when my iphone lights up to a ring
These are a few of my favorite things

When the storm comes
When the milk spills
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad.

A Day of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope your day was filled with family, friends, fun, laughter and lots of memories!

I want to include just a couple of things I am greatful and thankful for in the end of the month I will do my "30 days of Thanks".

What are you thankful for? :)

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Simply Sadie

I cannot believe that Sadie is going on 14 months. Where the heck has the time gone? Out the window! I tell you tho, this is the best stage so far and I know there is so more more fun on the way! She amazes me each and every day. She is so very smart (and I am not just saying that). She learns things each and every day. The other day going to school my mom had to drive me. I sat in the back with her and she saw birdies on the power line (she still is facing rear due to her size and age) and she goes "tweet tweet". I was surprised she knew that they were birds. Yet I do ask her what does "birdies" say and she does say tweet tweet! She also knows what a dog says she will go "ah ah" like panting like a dog does and also says "ruff ruff". She says ba-ba and know what it is also says MA-MA. A couple days ago I picked her up from a nap and she pointed or made noise she wanted to go by the light switch. Over there I have Halloween dog stickers and well she said CLEAR AS DAY "MA MA" and leaned over to kiss my picture of her and I I had up. Oh my heavens it melted my heart. I seriously love her more and more each day.

She walks so very well. I get a lot of comments asking about her age and they comment because she is small and walks so well. Started at 10.5 months! On the other side, you'd never be able to tell She has a not so nice side of her. Boy can she get MAD! The other day coming home from school she was just not having it. Wouldn't even let me take her out of car seat I assumed shed e happy once I did. Nope! I got her out and placed her down on the grass in the yard and let her do her thing. She stood there crying and I kid you not, with both fists clenched and shaking and making a noise as you can tell STAND AWAY FROM HER type deal. Oh my I couldn't help but turn around out of view from her and laugh. I also thought oh brother! Am I going to have my hands full with her and what will I see at age 2?!! Yikes! I just know she has that "brat" side of her as you can say, I mean it ever so nicely! Ha. I better get a book or start asking on how to handle these things! I wasn't prepared for this yet and thought I had some time..maybe I don't! Oops!

I am so excited for Christmas which is around the corner! I am so upset STILL when I see professional pictures of newborns and the "aged" photos like 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. I still have not gotten any of them done. And can't obviously. I wasn't thinking plus I am so not able to financial wise. :( but my dear friends mother has one of those high quality camera's and I asked her if towards end of this month we can get some shots of her in a beautiful Christmas dress in places and scenes and throw mama In a few. She of course agreed! So I will be on the hunt for poofy Christmas dresses and bows! If anyone has ideas please let me know, oh PINTEREST here I come!


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I've finally jumped on the band wagon and am officially a "pinhead" I guess you can say. I have heard of it mentioned here and there and never looked at the site until a few days ago and fell in LOVE. I am addicted. Damn social networks and all these shenigans. Just another site to steal my attention and keep me away from my school work even longer ha. I started "snapping screenshots" on my phone of all of the things I like and it started to over crowd my load of 1001 Sadie pictures. I thought there's gotta be a way to store these off my phone-no better way to just froggen ask for an invite !

I even got my two friends in class addicted and signed up as of yesterday in class! Even told my teacher about it as said she's heard of it meant to check it out but hasn't. Told her you won't be disappointed! I thought of a cute idea, around or before our WEEK off from school for turkey week, I suggested the 3 of us in our little group pick a recipe or cute idea from there and make and bring to class for lunch, only exception is I get to bring-make desserts! Ha.

So there you have it! I will include some of my "pinned" items I have liked! Are any of you on board?! If so, I'd love to follow!!

I just think its so cute because I wanted to start doing arts and crafts with Sadie and I am far from crafty and that site is genius! Such cute cute ideas and for little holiday outfits! Oh I am SO excited! :) let the pinning begin!


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