Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Random Thoughts & more

Is it seriously that time already? There is just NO stinking way my little girl is going to be ONE in two months. Please, pass me the tissues, the whole box. How can it be? I seriously feel like just yesterday I brought home this 4 lb 15 oz little glow worm! Gasps! All these days are just blending together. It scares the crap out of me, that before I know it, I will have a teen. Yes, I am thinking that far ahead, in reality, it's right around the corner. I just wanna curl up and cry thinking about it. But that's life. Life happens in the BLINK OF AN EYE. I have to enjoy every single second with my little girl. I can't decide if I want to *try* and make her cake OR cupcakes. Or ask my bestfriend to do them, or another friends sister who they both are AMAZING. what to do?! And where to have her party? Who to invite? Ah! September 16 is right around the corner! Help! Any ideas?! Themes?! I have no clue! I just know I gotta get on the ball!

-As of yesterday, marks a month away from when I will be starting SCHOOL! oh my gosh. I don't think it has hit me yet. I will be a nervous wreck! I am going for medical assisting. I would like to further my education once miss Sadie is in school herself to become a nurse. Until then, this shall do. I am just waiting for my "acceptance" letter and I can officially register! Ah!

Ok. Call me crazy. But I am Trying to think ahead a bit here. Like I said earlier, time flies. Before I know it, I will be busy with school and Halloween will be here! Sadies "first" Halloween she was a little over a month and she was a ladybug! A cute one at that! I am thinking what i should have her be this year! She will definitely be walking by then. Ah she is going to be SO DARN CUTE! a pumpkin? Minnie mouse? A piggy ? (the bf always calls her that as a little joke!) ah so many ideas! I gotta start thinking! Maybe come up with my own ? Ha yeah right, I am not creative. On to the next! :)

Anyone ever try this crazy shiat?! ;) My boyfriends friend has the whole thing and he lent me use the abs part for now! I first tried it 3/4 days ago and let me tell you I have never felt so soar in a long time. But it sure felt good. I felt so sick afterwards and my legs were like jello. Funny how I felt it in my legs the next day and not my abs. My sisters friend said the same thing! I skipped a few days of it and did it 2nd time tonight! Not too bad! I am proud of myself, rollerbladed and did that And ate well today! This mama will be where she wants to be in no time! Any other pointers?! Oh! Has anyone tried or heard of "weighted hula hoops?" I MUST get my hands on one! Came across them in my moms magazine today and yes it's a must! I am in full workout mode! I have never had a toned body and I would love to work at it!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Bittersweet July 19 2011

Tuesday was like any other day..the boy came over to hang out with Sadie and I at home. I always enjoy his company yet I always think how boring it is for him to always come Over and hang with us. But he always says he loves to see us and just hang he knows I can't get out much without her. Besides I am a full time mommy, which I wouldn't change for the world!

It was nap time for baby Sadie and David and I decided to lay down as well but on the couch. He happened to say to me while laying together "so people ask you about us?" I smile and I say yes, but I tell them we are just dating but that I like him a lot. He goes awe. Then says something along the lines of, would you like to make if official? My mouth dropped. He says, would you like to be my girlfriend? I smiled the biggest smile and said yes! As we kissed and lay there he goes "so July 19". I hadn't known the date, as do I ever. Then I go, OMG, and say awe. I just then realized what that day was, well supposed to be.

Two years ago, that was my due date for Naomi. I was supposed to have her around that time but she came 12 weeks too early on April 27. I explained to him what it was and he said is that good or bad. I said it's good, I feel it's a sign from her. That she's happy for her mama and it's meant to be. So I won't ever forget "our anniversary". My sweetpea.

So I now can officially say I HAVE A BOYFRIEND! It feels amazing! :) I couldn't be happier!


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Monday, July 18, 2011

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Where the heck have I been you ask?


letters, one word. HOME. Home sweet home. I haven't posted in almsot a month, please forgive me. I have been meaning to but kept putting it off and said "tomorrow, tomorrow," you know how that goes. I used to be very avid about blogging. But I have been somewhat distracted. By what you ask? A guy!
Yes. :) Remember when I blogged about that guy from that dating website? Well we have been still talking/dating and he is about over every day now, and visits "his pretty little ladies" he calls us. He always loves to see Sadie, which is a definite plus and a *MUST* if you are going to date mama! We hang out at the house often, watch movies in, take Sadie out for lunch and breakfast trips. It feels so nice. Feels nice to have a good guy around, who treats me right. He is liked by my parents, and other family as well and friends. He doesn't mind hanging in at all and just being with us girls. He makes me happy. He is a keeper so far, even tho we aren't *offcial* yet, I see it coming!
Lets see, what else can I yap about? OH! Most importantly, I HAVE A 10 MONTH OLD! ahhhhh! A what you ask? Yes, I cannot believe it! She is growing up way too darn quick! 2 days ago, she was officialy 10 months old. She weighs 15 lbs, is standing for a few seconds on her own, is on the go now and into things more than ever. She is babbling more and more, and is her smiley self, but lately has been quite fussy. Not sure why, still has no teeth, may be teething! Poor little baby! Still does not sleep through the night, gets up 2/3 times a night and awakens at 5/530/6 am! Yes mama has an early day every morning! She surely keeps me busy and I wouldnt change it! I just recently let her have some "people food" ie, toast and she loves it! Happy 10 months my Sadiekins!!
HOW AWESOME IS THIS !!!? As I am blogging away, I happen to get a text from my dear friend Laura that I won something. That she nominated me for something. I said what was I nominated for? She nominated me for a FREE TOTAL BLOG MAKEOVER AND I WON!!!!!! Holy smokes! This is so weird. The fact I am blogging, and havent in a month and I just receieved that text message. Earlier 2 hrs ago I was online searching and entering contests from TV morning talk shows because I am just so deteremined to WIN SOMETHING ANYTHING! And WHAT DO YOU KNOW!?? I get that text! How awesome is that? My dear friend Laura, she is a sweetheart and has always been there for me through our losses. I really hope to meet her and her family one day. THANK YOU LAURA!!! Can't wait to see and plan this blog make over, it is going to look AWESOME! So stay tuned!!
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