Friday, February 24, 2012

Randomness and HELLO Friday!

Munching on carrots and dip, just finished a few slices of my cut up steak that mama left, and soon to be eating my yogurt cup. All of that equals a healthy lunch, ey?? ;)

Yes, my friend from class swears I am a Canadian because I always am saying "ey". Well I am part French Canadian after all my mama is! Anyways, I thought let me quickly blog while Sadie is napping, won't be for much longer. Let me tell you I am already REGRETTING my usual nap time with her. I usually always take a nap with her but I wasn't tired so I thought I would clean the floor and I am just sitting down to eat and it's HIT me. I think coffee is a must later for the day!

My bestie works as a Barista so maybe I will go and visit for a free cup of Joe ;).

Yesterday I decided to give myself a free day and not go to class. I am doing well and I thought I deserved it. Okay I should have stayed and took my test but I figure I'll study and take Wednesday not get a bad grade. I was browsing Target yesterday morning and I came across these items I wanted :( for me for my getting my fitness and weight loss on but I am Broker than broke. I just had to sigh and walk away. I also found Easter items. Made me sad yet happy. I thought of Naomi, her birthday is coming up. I feel terrible I should be working on the MARCH OF DIMES walk or Preeclampsia walk but with school and all I can't. I think I may just be walking in the preeclampsia walk tho. I think it's in May so I do have some time! I want that to be something special I do every year for Naomi's birthday. Make a team bigger each year and get word out!

This morning my sister and I and our little ones went to this in our local area . It was awesome. Boy I wish I was a kid again, heck I was! I had so much fun but not as much as SADIE DID! She loved it! It's an indoor place with bounce houses! She was screaming and laughing and just going crazy! I was worried she wouldn't go on them because just last week we had a birthday party with a teeny bounce house and she wouldn't go in until the kids were out! Silly girl! We had a blast tho and she had been up since 6;30 so I think I got her good and tired out! :)

I have a baby shower to attend tomorrow and tomorrow night I am hopefully seeing the Vow with the bestie! Sunday probably another play date with my sister!

Hope you all have a fun filled weekend!

IT'S FRIDAY !!!! We made it yet to another weekend!


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Thursday, February 16, 2012

17 months...

17 months ago today the shift change of nurses came in and said I was the talk of the morning. The nurse said "I have two things to tell you. One (I can't remember the one part ha) and two sounds like you may be having a baby today". Sure enough my nurse for the day comes in and says the doctor said its baby time!!! Ah. I wont ever forget it. I was excited, scared, happy, nervous, freaking. I immediately texted a BLM friend of mine and told her then I called my mom' she happened to be working on the 4th floor of the hospital I was in! She was able to get her shift covered and came down to be with me and get result to witness the birth of her 2nd granddaughter!

My labs were changing, my headache that was quite severe never went away, swelling and increasing blood pressures were more than enough my doctor wasn't taking any more chances! So I was on my way to be prepped and in came grandma and off we went! I remember being so nervous being wheeled in to the OR. I remember it being a small room with bright lights and lots of gowned and gloved people in there. I was sitting on the table ready for my shot and I kept thinking I'm not ready im not ready for this. I was so scared. I remember shaking incontrobably after being laid down. Not sure if was medicine or because I was cold or nervous or what.

Then it began and minutes later at 11:00 am exactly my sweet little girl was born! I heard cries and she was brought over to me and I was sort of in a blur was thinking is she mine? I kissed her little cheek and I was on my way to being stitched back together!

And here we are today, 17 months later. It feels like just yesterday I was being wheeled out of hospital with this teeny tiny 4 lb 15 oz baby thinking I have a baby to take home. Now what? How will I do all of this? How can I be responsible for such a tiny little life? But sure enough I have made it and am making it. She is my world, my light, the keeps me going each and every day. She continues to amaze me by the things she does and comes up with. She is so very smart and grows prettier every single day.

I cannot imagine what life was like without her. SHE COMPLETES ME.

17 month old facts:

Knows where her head, teeth are as well as her belly button, toes !
Learned "cold" today and knows what it is!
Starting to eat a bit better and enjoys feeding herself!
Loves the outdoors and Finding Nemo "Ishies" .
Loves her "mama" aka grandma!
Knows eyes and "pee yew" squeezes mamas knows and says it.
Knows to tell me she has "POOPIES"
Gives random hugs and kisses oh so sweet.
Yesterday she said "baby" and kissed my necklace where Naomi is.


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Monday, February 13, 2012

Love. Birthdays. Parties. Wedding. GALORE.

Love: an intense feeling of deep affection.

I love Sadie with all my heart and every fiber of my being and cell in my body. I look into the eyes of her and i cannot get over what a beautiful girl mommy was given. I love her sweet sister who is with us in spirit everywhere we go, Naomi Hope.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I am early but I rather be earlier than later. I never cared much for this day even when I had a significant other. I think honestly one day should not be said for a day of love. Everyday should be. The chocolates, the cards, the flowers, I really could care less. I do like the colors tho pinks, purples and reds! I can admit that! :) otherwise its just another money making Holiday if you ask me.

Sadie had a fun filled love filled weekend! Saturday she had her friend Mia's birthday party which was quite fun! I have to admit I got testy eyed when I saw them light the THREE on the cake. Naomi would be turning 3 in 2 more months. I honestly cannot believe it. Otherwise the party was a cute little one.

Yesterday, my dear friend Holly invited me to my first ever Valentine's Party for the little ones! And HOW CUTE IT WAS! I had a GREAT time. Lots of candy and colors and love in the air with her family and friends! We all decorated their own hearts with stickers, we decorated a heart cookie with frosting and candies! There was plenty of sweets galore!

I deemed yesterday as my cheat day and boy I am paying for it last night and this morning. I snacked on valentine colored candy corn, half a brownie, a cake pop (made by her sister who is an AWESOME baker) and some pizza. I am not used to that stuff and it did me in! Do not want to see sweets for a long time! In fact, I am home sick and cannot go to clinicals today :(. Sick with a child is no fun!

And guess what else? A surprise WEDDING! Short and oh so sweet! My friends dad married them outside in their backyard with all of her friends and family and I couldn't have been happier to have witnessed it! I cannot be any happier for them! They deserve it!

Hope you all had a fun weekend as I did!


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Friday, February 10, 2012

I've got the Golden Ticket!

Tomorrow, February 11 is a huge Powerball drawing. $314 million or whatever it is! I see that dang sign every time on my way home from school. I always hear of these lotto pools winning the big pot! I did some research and they said best thing is to have between 5-15 people in a pool no more no less. The less you have than 5 mise well play by yourself and the more is just not smart because prize value between each lessens. Well I tried asking some, and well two declined. They will be sorry once we come up with the winning ticket tomorrow night :). I have 4 people in my pool. My one friend went in her office pool of 24! Now that's just silly but who knows maybe they will win, that breaks down to like $7.1 million each (heck I'd be happy with that still) when you take cash value in hand which is $191 million.

My best friend, her co worker and a good friend of mine we all put $20 each in. Sucks that they made the powerball $2 now but whatever! I have a good feeling about this!

After I came out of the store, it had rained some and two rainbows appeared in front of us! I think that's a sign :)

Any of you go in a pool?!

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Working on my FITNESS...

I am excited to announce that I am finally going to the GYM! I absolutely Love love love it! About a week ago I saw my friends post on facebook about wanting someone to go with her and split the membership once a month . I replied wish I could but I don't have a job. Well she texted me and said she knows somewhat of my situation and said that I can come with her she wouldn't mind. She needed someone to help motivate her anyways.

Let me tell you I have never been so sore in my life! She knows her stuff and worked me HARD. I used to think back when I was 15-16 I can do the treadmill and come out with a hot body...lmao. WRONG WRONG WRONG. I know now that you must mix cardio and weights in. Let me say I never knew there were so many different machines for parts of the body. Totally awesome! I will say this, I HATE doing my arms. I am weak in that area and boy was I in PAIN.

I have been doing pretty good eating wise. My mom told me other morning before I left from school "Jill, it looks like you're losing weight". Made me smile.

I haven't gone in two days tho because we go when we both can but will be definitely hitting the gym tomorrow morning! Excited I am having withdrawals! I am down 3 lbs already. I am 5'1 and 121.2, now. I would like to weigh 110-115 and tone up! Trim my thighs, arms and get some abs! :) I'd be so proud if I can do it! The cute men are a plus!

Will be working out tomorrow while everyone is busy filling their traps hahah during super bowl! So is not my thing! Happy weekend everyone!

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