Monday, September 5, 2011


First off, let me start off by saying HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! I hope all of you have had and are having an awesome three day weekend! Today unofficially marks the last day of summer! Not such a bad summer, I'd say! I gained an awesome boyfriend, started school, and got to watch my little one grow into a blossoming beauty, a walking beauty! I couldn't be more thankful and blessed!

It's been a while since I posted! I do still get on and read blogs just suck at commenting and gathering my own thoughts for mine! Did have Sadie's 2nd hospital visit a couple days ago! Let me say I was freaking OUT. It happened around 7:30 at night, we were just freshly showered and dressed and playing on mamas bed before bedtime and I wanna say I turned for a slight second while she was standing on my 2 ft bed, and she took a tumble, grabbed onto the towel with her onto the tile floor! I swooped her up and brought her outside to stop the crying. She wasn't in hysterics but to where it scared her and most likely knocked the wind out of her. After she sopped crying she started breathing weird. I was concerned. I called my mom who was on way from hospital and told her . Then I was on phone with myboyfriend and told him what happened (he's a certified EMT) and well we were supposed to meet up and go study that night. Well as I was talking to him, I had her on my hip and she threw up. That made me worry even more. I told him I'm callingmy mom back told her what happened. She said we'd take her to hospital. I ended up calling emergency 911. Was crying of course and they had paramedics here within 5 mins . I came outside with her and my mom ended up pulling up too. They checked her out she was acting fine then but said to take her just in case. Even two young officers showed up they just were oddly smiling at me didn't ask any questions .but I understood why they had them there. Sure enough whole I was giving info to the paramedics , I look up and here comes my boyfriend. I was surprised yet so happy. I felt better in a sense that he was there. He ended up driving my mom and Sadie and I to the local children's hospital. I sat in back and on the way there she started puking again! I had to quickly unbuckle her carseat and pull her out. Poor thing. I then was like WHY THE HE'LL DID I NOT LET PARAMEDICS TAKE US? so we eventually got there they got us in quick. Back to a room. It felt like just yesterday I was with her there 3 weeks after she was born for another incident that turned out okay . We waited quite some time in a room in ER for The cat scan to be done. Dr had her nothing by mouth just in case. Poor thing was way past her bedtime and was so hungry after throwing up everything. Eventually she was able to eat and that made her better. Had cat scan done and she finally passed out on grandma. We awaited results..everything came back normal! Thank you Jesus. So yes that was a very scary and emotional time. I just kept thinkong I lost Naomi, I CANNOT lose another little girl.

So, main reason I wanted to blog is...venting. I have to get it off my chest. I'm annoyed and mad a bit. So my friend more of an acquaintance from highschool writes me via FB and wants me to call her to keep a secret. I pretty much knew. She's pregnant. She explained to me she's excited yet scared, all normal emotions then starts saying how her "due date" will be around finals and blah blah and who will watch baby when this and that. Ha. She's not a single mother. And well, she was yapping about diaper bags and cribs and yes all things. But she's only 5 weeks. Miscarriage window is 12. And well we all know, well I know all too well that thats not the only thing that can go wrong. Of course I do NOT want that on anyone. But then she starts saying two comments that REALLY nerved me. How she really doesn't want a c section. Oh COME ON. I had two, both were emergency situations the first more than the 2nd and I only have one living child. Take pregnancy day by day. A positive test doesn't mean shit. I'm sorry it doesn't guarantee a baby in your arms. So wish it did. Then the comment that got me the most was "we all want a boy. My whole family and his family want a boy". I got the feeling she just would DIE if she had a girl. Pissed me off. I spoke. For once. I said "how about wanting a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery?". Smh. Come on now! She "knows" in some sense what I went through. Just zippidy zip zip zip your mouth. Ugh.

Forgot to mention, my nephew is ONE years old! Happy Birthday Jimmy boy (Aug 30)! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


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