Sunday, September 11, 2011

I have not forgotten

As today comes to an end, I want to say that I have not forgotten what today is. Today, 10 years ago, as we all know, marks one of the worst days in history. Where were you when word got out? I was at home, "sick" from school, I was in middle school. I remember my dad calling me from work saying to turn on the tv there was a plane that hit some tower. Honestly, I didnt think much of it and I thought, oh that sucks. I eventually turned it on and paid half attention not really knowing what all of it meant. I remember bits and pieces. I rememember my mom coming in from the grocery store with bags, crying. She said "its like a scene from a horror movie". Times 1000.

Last week in school, this woman asked me to help hold up a paper so she can put up with tape. She explained to me that all the 3000+ names of the victims will be written on that paper. Sure enough, they were. I just gasped and teared up. How can one individual do such a thing? I still cant grasp my head around it all. I can't and never will.

My sisters old best friend, used to live across the street. Her mothers ex boyfriend was a 9/11 NYC fire fighter. He survived it all but had to stop working because had very bad smoke inhalation.

The countless of stories I have heard and videos and coverage I have seen. I remember last year I was in the hospital, very pregnant, with Sadie, watching coverage all day of it. It was very emotional. I will never forget. This day 10 years ago has made history. History I so wish we were not apart of.

I am taking a moment of silence for all the victims and their families. Bless you all.


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