Thursday, June 14, 2012

Some say ketchup, I say CATCH UP!!

Where do I start? It's been almost two months since I last wrote! Forgive me! Been so busy with school, my little girl, a new boy (yes that story is to come!) and heck just life itself! I have been meaning to blog but life has got the best of me. I will try and sum it up as what's been going on in my life within the last two months!
A big event that happened on June 2, I GRADUATED!!!! 10 months flew on by, and I am now a registered medical assistant! Whoop whoop! It was a huge thing for me to accomplish as being a single mother and also because I had left HS in senior year (like an idiot, but hey I wouldn't be here today nor have my sweet Sadie girl) and did not graduate. So being able to walk across the stage with my classmates in a cap and gown was great! Couldn't be happier. I am not stopping there! I would like to go on once Sadie is a little older, to either nursing or as an ultrasound tech! I have found it more interesting since I had a good number of hospital stays with my pregnancies.
My best friend and other good friend we went out that night to celebrate. It was a great night, even got a hotel and mama got to enjoy herself! I even was bought drinks by the bartender and random people! My friend made me a sign that said "I did it yah bitches" and on other side "buy me a shot". I wore it! Heck yes I did! And a graduation princess crown! Ha I hate hate hate "princess" crap but I wore it because she got it. Hey, I got drinks out of it, I'll take it! Some thought I got married, I played along with some, some asked where I graduated from, I messed around with them saying Harvard or something outrageous! Def a good good night it was! I deserved it!
Other than that, I have been going out with friends and this boy who again I will speak of in the next post! We all been going out a few nights a week to watch the basketball games and semi-finals and now finals! LET'S GO MIAMI HEAT!!!! Any HEAT fans out there?! I have plans tonight with the best friend and another very good friend and this boy to watch the game at my sisters house. I am quite excited! Haven't seen him since Saturday so that I am more excited for I think! Ha
Well no more boring you with words, lets bring out the pictures!!!
And can it be true?!? I have an almost 21 month old, how in the heck will I be planning a TWO year old birthday party?? How can that be?
We actually just got back last night from her first plane ride to her great grandmas house in Philly! It was just a short short trip but only to visit and let some family meet Sadie. Besides I had to get back to apply for jobs!!!


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