Saturday, August 13, 2011

Birthday Extravaganza Plans!!


Wanna know something extra special? My best friend Bonnie and I share the exact same birthday!!! Both are turning 24! Whoop whoop! We have been best friends for prob just two years now but it feels like we have been forever. I met her in 8th grade. We had the same history class in middle school. We did a project together, went over to her house once to do it and that was it. After that we just remained acquaintances I guess you can say. Saw her in highschool waved said hi type stuff. Come out of highschool, we got reconnected on myspace, I was pregnant with my sweetpea Naomi then. We decided to meet up and went to local bookstore. I then asked her if she felt okay to help me at an appointment of mine since I had both babies-was a nanny at the time. She came and assisted with them at my 28 week apt. Lord let me tell you, she was sent to me at the right time. And well rest is history. Weve been so close ever since. I am truely blessed to have her in my life. She is so genuine, hilarious and has a giving heart. We will be best friends forever!

So, well her parents made reservartions for a very fancy and yummy steak house I hear about a lot from my bestie. They invited me and I was thrilled to be able to go! Never been to a high class type place. She raves about the bread, asparagus and wine! Awesome combo! So I will be joining them and family for dinner!

Then I get a text from my best friend saying she wishes we could go out after dinner-she explained to be her parents like to have leisurely dinners so wed prob be there from 8 to 10:30 or whatever. Which I dont mind. Just got to load up on the wine :) or drinks! I then get a text saying her mom is offering to use her points and get us a hotel!!! So she was able to make reservations for a BEAUTIFUL high class hotel on Ft Lauderdale Beach! WE ARE BOTH BEYOND EXCITED! Cant stop talking about it. So thankfully I have amazing friends who said theyd watch my little misses Sadiekins for me! My friend Kalie babysits her when I go out usually with my bf. So she knows her well and I woild feel comfortable leaving her over night. This will be her first sleepover! Ah!

I will be picked up around 2/3 by my best friend and her brother and we will go check into the hotel and hang out there until dinner time! Then after dinner another friend of ours will be meeting up and the REAL festivites will begin! Drinks drinks and more drinks! Mama has to live it up because I start school that following Monday after my birthday!

I am so excited! This week and month is a busy month and full of fun stuff! I be getting my hair did by an aveda friend coming out to my house Monday morning! Tuesday I have a school apt to finalize financial aid and get books and what not. Wednesday, I will be meeting with a dear friend at the beach. Her sweet son's angelversary of a year is August 17, and instead of being down at home she decided to make a nice day and invite family and friends to beach. I love her .

Then come Saturday is the BIRTHDAY BASH! :) must go shopping for hot outfits!

I will leave you with some as a youning! Doesn't Sadie look just like her mama?!? ;)

Happy weekend everyone!



*Laura Angel said...

OMG you looked just like Sadie and you were and are so cute :)

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