Monday, August 1, 2011

Life Lists

So I have created a mini to do list before I leave this earth..I SO would love to learn to do some type of dance. I danced when I was a little girl, but otherwise, I am not a dancer. Surprised? Think again. I always wished I could or had some rhythm. I don't haha. This white girl can't dance but let me tell you, my little 10.5 month old sure moves her little body as mommy has pandora playing all day long to get through the day! It's too cute! Today I even witnessed her doing a one hand up in the air and shaking it type of thing. Yes, you guessed it mamas mouth hit the floor. She SURE AS HE'LL don't get that from me! Haha. Give me a few drinks..then we can start talking! ;)

I'd Also love to road trip somewhere..possibly VEGAS! I had been there when I was 18 years old with my dad and sister, for a birthday type gift. But come on. What's there to do at 18?! NOTHING. So one day I plan on taking a road trip..somewhere ..preferable sin city! :)

Do any of you have life to do lists?! Sorry but couldn't think of anything else to call them! Haha.

Any one can surely poor out tips on hair and make up stuff! If I wasn't blind or not talented I could do it all. I keep meaning to YouTube these things but I don't. I am so sick of wearing my hair "scrunched" all the tine with gel and hairspray. Yes it's a very quick and easy thing to do but it's so blah and my hair has like NO volume. I want something DIFFERENT! and makeup! I want it all but just want a different every day look ! Too bad I can't afford a make up artist! ;)

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Jaclyn said...

Las Vegas is so fun!! You definately must go! The Grand Canyon was absolutely amazing too!! Hope you get a chance to get there some day!!!

Raven said...

love the new layout! And I definitely say go to Vegas. It is an adults PLAYGROUND!! So fun. I will be blogging about my 10 day move there soon, promise!!

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