Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A check up & other misc!

It's 2:17 in the wee hours of the night. I have to be up at 6 am to get ready for class and leave at 7. Lovely. I never have this problem not being able to sleep. Ugh! So what better way to spend my hours awaken blogging! I've been putting it off and putting it off too long now!

So I guess I should update you all on my Sadie girl! Just last Friday we went for her shots because prior to that Friday, a week ago from it, at her 12 month check up she was sick with a cold and they suggested as well as I to wait on shots until she clears up a bit. We found out she is 16.4 lbs! Tiny but mighty that's for sure. Shes just a petite little thing-like her mother, or so I wish I were smaller! ;). They said she is moving up slowly on her growth chart was 3% now 5%. I am worried I know she was preemie a late term one, and they say they catch up at 2, I just hope she does! Dr said she SHPULD be sleeping through the night by now . hahah NOPE. Hasn't since newborn, well okay I can couture 6 times on my fingers that she has. Not enough! I need to figure out what I am doing wrong! Also asked how many words she can say. I couldn't think and right then and there being on the spot I said two. They said she should be saying 3-5. Ah as I was driving home I was going over in my head the words she can say, and definitely was 3-5 range. Oops. So I feel like I better tell them just so they can change that in her chart! Otherwise she is doing pretty good! Made mama proud!

This weekend on Saturday we attended her first Halloween party- BYOP wanna take a guess at the name?? Bring Your Own Pumpkin! Was a great idea huh?! All the little ones brought their pumpkins and they decorated them with feathers and silly eyes and paint and stuff. . My good friend Holly hosted the party. She is an absolute fanatic of Halloween! Her sister made the dessert table and OMG I lingered by that table all night! The house was decorated so cute and had Halloween music playing. Great food and company! Everyone adores Sadie. She seemed to be the life of the party. She would have kept going had I let her, but it was time for "kitty" to head to head home for bed! Her costume was a tad big but it worked! I drew whiskers on with my eyeliner, not the best she would NOT stay still ha. And painted a little mosey on her! She was NOT having her ears, so figures! But I might say she looked mighty purr-Ty!

What are you all dressing up as for ballpark? What are your little ones being?! I wish I had more of a creative Side ! I thought I could have been Ariel and Sadie could be flounder last minute before party! Mama went as a 60's girl! Everyone loved the costume !

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Lisette said...

Aww so cute!!! She is so tiny but as long as she is well that is all that matters. Emma is 5 months and weighs 16lbs! I have a chunker on my hands, lol. She takes after her mommy ha ha ha!
Hope you get some better sleep soon ((HUGS)).

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