Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick-or-a cute kitty cat?!?

Ghosts, goblins and witches galore
Knock knock knock, who is that at my door?

I pear through the window and what do I see?
An adorable ballerina kitty cat looking at me!

Meow she says with a cute little smile
She says why don't you hang around for a while

Listen to my boo-tiful mommy tell you about our Halloween
We had fun, my mommy and I make a great team!

Trick or treat!!! Happy Halloween! As Halloween comes to an end, well for the little ones and for most of the parents, some are just getting the party started tonight! I hope all had and have a wonderful and fun and safe Halloween! I wasn't as prepared I would say this year. But all in all I enjoyed it and I think Sadie did top, next year she will understand more I think! I am already gathering ideas's in my head for costume ideas as a pair for her and I for next year! Maybe pebbles and mama will be Wilma?! ;)

Last weekend, I went on sadie's first hay ride! She loved it! My dear friend Holly invited us!

This Saturday, mama had her night out, went downtown ft lauderdale with my best friend and a few other friends. I dressed as a rag doll, you like? I had fun while it lasted!

Tonight, well around 4/5 my friend and I went to the mall with Sadie my kitty, (which kitty refused to wear her ears and smudged her whiskers-so I had one hot mess of a kitty!) and we did the trick or treating mall style! She did pretty well, considering mama pushed her in stroller and she was quite content with a lolliop in her hands! Then came time around 7 to go around houses. Well because miss kitty didn't have her 2nd nap, she was not having it. Only went to two houses and that was it for her! :( so off we went back home and miss kitty went to bed! She surely liked playing with her pink bucket of candy tho placing them all on the floor and back into the bucket!

Happy Halloween ghouls and goblins! Tonight was a success-I guess! Ha :)


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Jamie said...

So many great pictures! Your girls are adorable.

Taylor said...

it looks like you had a great Halloween!!! All these pictures are absolutely adorable!
Your kitty poem is hysterical and so cute and clever!

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