Sunday, October 2, 2011

A late birthday post and then some'

It has been too long since I last posted! I had "blogging" on my to do list, and well you know how the old saying goes "tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow". I put it off way too long and I apologize!

Last I posted was on the eve of my sweet little girls BIRTHDAY! How in the world could it be a year already? In the blink of an eye is an understatement I say.

The party couldn't have gone better. We had the party at my parents house, where I am living (one fine day, one fine day my friend keeps telling me, I will be out on my own, gotta keep chugging along until then!). A lot of my friends showed up that I hadn't seen some since highschool or some it just has been some time! We had lots of yummy food some made, some from Sam's. Oh! Let me back up a minute!

THE CUPCAKES. Yes the cupcakes. Oh my. So the morning of Sadie's birthday I went to my best friends house around 9, thinking oh I will be out by noon. Boy, was I wrong. We had planned to make 3 dozen cupcakes. We found such a perfect recipe, I wanted rainbow cupcakes since she was my "rainbow baby" after all. We ran to the store got last minute ingredients, grabbed breakfast and were off to make and bake! We made the batter and divided it into 5 bowls. Then we used food coloring for each layer. We then started one by one to layer the colors. It was VERY time consuming. We started out using a spoon to layer blue first. Before this we tested two, blue on bottom on one cupcake and red on bottom on the other to see which looked best. The red on top was the winner! So we started layering blue but just in one cupcake then green and so on but you had to be very careful not to mix the colors and spread it. I was having such a hard time I wanted to give up. Finally we thought, why don't we layer all blue on each dirt obsess of going by one cupcake. Duh. That made it a little faster. The way we were going I looked at time was about almost NOON! I thought let me call my friend to see if she can come over to help. She came to the rescue and by golly, what an idea she had. We made "pastry" bags instead of going by tiny spoonfuls to layer the cupcakes. It went by SO much faster. I don't know how we didn't think of that before. We decided on making 24 instead and I decided I'd pick up a thing from Publix. Time was of the essence and we still had to do the frosting! Well we finally got them done and I was out of there at THREE! I had to rush home to Sadie and get showered and ready for the party!

Thank god for my parents and grandma. They decorated beautiful. I really wish I could had gone overboard and done more and hired someone but I unfortunately don't have those kinds of funds. Maybe next birthday party! It was nice to see friends and family. Sadie was such a hit of the party! She was too funny to watch and was dancing and kept following my friends nephew around and stared him down. It was then time for Happy Birthday! I put her in her high chair and gave her her own big cupcake we made especially loaded frosting for her. We all sang and I got teary eyed because I kept thinking of Naomi and how she isn't here and things. I then quickly directed my attention back to sweet Sadie and I knew she was watching her sister from above. Sadie was so dainty with the cupcake it was so cute and we all got some laughs in. By the time presents rolled around, Sadie wasn't having it and I decided I will open them later. A few favorite hurts stayed back and I opened theirs. She all seemed overwhelmed with all the toys! I swear you can have thousands of toys and they much rather walk around the house and play with pans and what not! Ha

So Party was a success and it couldn't have been better! I officially have a one year old and I can't believe it!

Sadie is a very loved little girl just as her sister was and is. I also must mention, this ABSOLUTE beautiful beautiful gift I got from a fellow mommy/blogger friend who I have grew close with from a far. She made a photo book of Sadie's first year and sent it to me for her. I cried. It was absolutely amazing. So beautifully put together and I am so glad I will have that to cherish and look back on. Thank you LAURA!! :)


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Mary and Dyer said...

Those cupcakes looks amazinggg!! Looks like a great party... you did a great job!! xo

I just became your newest follower. I would love for you to visit my blog & follow back if you'd like! :)

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Raven said...

awwww happy birthday sweet girl!!!!! Those cupcakes are awesome and her tutu is to die for! I always said that if I ever had a girl (will never happen) I would ALWAYS dress her in tutus! SO CUTE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Holly said...

the cupcakes turned out great!! happy birthday!!!

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