Friday, November 11, 2011

Simply Sadie

I cannot believe that Sadie is going on 14 months. Where the heck has the time gone? Out the window! I tell you tho, this is the best stage so far and I know there is so more more fun on the way! She amazes me each and every day. She is so very smart (and I am not just saying that). She learns things each and every day. The other day going to school my mom had to drive me. I sat in the back with her and she saw birdies on the power line (she still is facing rear due to her size and age) and she goes "tweet tweet". I was surprised she knew that they were birds. Yet I do ask her what does "birdies" say and she does say tweet tweet! She also knows what a dog says she will go "ah ah" like panting like a dog does and also says "ruff ruff". She says ba-ba and know what it is also says MA-MA. A couple days ago I picked her up from a nap and she pointed or made noise she wanted to go by the light switch. Over there I have Halloween dog stickers and well she said CLEAR AS DAY "MA MA" and leaned over to kiss my picture of her and I I had up. Oh my heavens it melted my heart. I seriously love her more and more each day.

She walks so very well. I get a lot of comments asking about her age and they comment because she is small and walks so well. Started at 10.5 months! On the other side, you'd never be able to tell She has a not so nice side of her. Boy can she get MAD! The other day coming home from school she was just not having it. Wouldn't even let me take her out of car seat I assumed shed e happy once I did. Nope! I got her out and placed her down on the grass in the yard and let her do her thing. She stood there crying and I kid you not, with both fists clenched and shaking and making a noise as you can tell STAND AWAY FROM HER type deal. Oh my I couldn't help but turn around out of view from her and laugh. I also thought oh brother! Am I going to have my hands full with her and what will I see at age 2?!! Yikes! I just know she has that "brat" side of her as you can say, I mean it ever so nicely! Ha. I better get a book or start asking on how to handle these things! I wasn't prepared for this yet and thought I had some time..maybe I don't! Oops!

I am so excited for Christmas which is around the corner! I am so upset STILL when I see professional pictures of newborns and the "aged" photos like 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. I still have not gotten any of them done. And can't obviously. I wasn't thinking plus I am so not able to financial wise. :( but my dear friends mother has one of those high quality camera's and I asked her if towards end of this month we can get some shots of her in a beautiful Christmas dress in places and scenes and throw mama In a few. She of course agreed! So I will be on the hunt for poofy Christmas dresses and bows! If anyone has ideas please let me know, oh PINTEREST here I come!


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