Monday, December 12, 2011

Do you smell the upsexy?

Want a GOOD laugh? Who doesn't like laughter? An awesome blog friend of mine I follow, I came across a hilarious thing she posted. So I just HAD to try it. You can find her Beautiful Raven Doll

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Jamie said...

This is hilarious.

Taylor said...

THE SMELL OF BABY MAKING!!!!! OMG!! I am cracking up!!!! I didnt do it to anyone on texting so I have no proof but I did it to my boss and he said "what in the f$#k is upsexy? and I was like "I think that is harassment" and he said it again and then he was cracking up and said it to everyone!!! It is so stupid but so funny!!!
Merry Christmas chick!

Jill said...

hahah thats too funny Taylor! lmao! I loved it!

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