Saturday, December 24, 2011

Is it REALLY Christmas Eve?!?

I honestly can't believe how fast the year has flew on by! People aren't lying when they say once you have kids, time really flies!

Been lost on the blog front. Between the holidays and being busy with miss Sadie girl, its been on my 101 things to do list. I just kept pushing it back! But I do enjoying blogging! I do log on almost every day and read blogs! Just don't post my own! I think I am ready for a blog makeover for the new year! Just have NO clue how to do it. Any helpers or suggestions?! :) would be greatly appreciated!

I've been having a REALLY tough time these last few days with the holidays being around. Broke out into a huge cry the other night, missing Naomi. The pain felt like the first few weeks and months after I lost her. It's beyond heart wrenching. Sounds like how the Grinch cries in How the grinch stole Christmas. (I hear it in the background now, just terrible pain). My BLM friend sent a beautiful ornament down for me thought of Naomi because of the Hope on it and butterfly in it. I really have truely amazing friends, I feel a stronger connection with them than my IRL friends. I truely do. I wish we never had to share it. I know she is certainly around been giving me lots of signs. The other day I donated plasma (45 minute thing) and the night before that I asked Naomi to show me a sign she's around or come see me in a dream (I still have yet to have one of her). And well after leaving the blood donation center, two butterflies two yellow ones danced ever so happily in front of my car as I was leaving. I knew that was her. The holidays are ROUGH.

I went to a dear BLM friends nieces party a week ago. Beautiful themed-sleeping beauty! I will post some pctures of that! I also went to an awesome light show between two houses. The two houses joined together and there was music and the lights would go with the music. Truely AMAZING! Sadie loved it! Everyone loved her!

I am also working on a cute book idea I found on PINTEREST for Sadie. It's the ABC's but with heron it. I'm almost done with all the letters! Can't wait to put it together! Example..a is for apple, I have a picture of her holding an apple, B is for bear, and so on! Wanted it to be done by tomorrow aka Christmas but not going to happen!

We also made this morning handprint ornaments for my mom from Sadie. Recipe found VIA PINTEREST! What else?! :) fun to make! My new years resolution is well I have two: to STOP with excuses of not exercising and to try my best to eat well and exercise (notice I didn't say diet, trying to be reasonable) and two to do a couple Pinterest projects with Sadie a month! And for mama as well! Love hate relationship right there!

Anyways I will leave a few pictures of what's been going on. I am going to try and come up with a cute post tonight for "TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS..." stay tuned!


I absolutely LOVE Sadie's picture with Santa! It is too cute! She did surprisingly well ! I took her to the hospital where she was born just like last year! Might make it a tradition.

Attended my first ugly Christmas party! Tummies galore!

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Lindsey said...

Merry Christmas Jill!! Stay strong and enjoy your time with baby girl!!

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