Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hope all had a wonderful Christmas.

I can say it was good, the morning wasn't so hot, but it ended on a good note. Sadie got a few cute outfits, a puzzle, two Disney princess cups (and let me tell you I have never liked the word process, will never call Sadie that I don't think. Just never liked it for some reason). But I do like the Cinderella and Belle princesses and things. I call her sweetheart and things like that! She also got the cuter Minnie mouse mini play laptop from my neighbor. So darn cute! She got construction paper and paints! Want to start doing arts and crafts with her!

I got cash from my parents which they truely shouldnt have, and couple gift cards. Also running shorts and a top-ummm, is that not a sign from my mother I need to start running again?!? Haha. I think I will beginning tomorrow! But the hardest thing is always Geting started!

Around 3-7 we went to my sisters husbands parents house for a Family get together. Was nice because our extended family is up north and we can't do that. They had awesome foods and the babies had a great time! They all loved Sadie and couldn't get over her. This one woman said "she has something about her. Her little dainty personality. She's so cute. Yes babies are but she is just something." I thought that is so sweet! I get so many compliments on her it just warns my heart! Just wish she wouldn't give such a fight about wearing her dress :( I didn't force it on her she would have looked so pretty but always does in anything!

I will leave you with a few pictures of the day and night!

Merry Christmas!

Now the countdown begins to the NEW YEAR! 5 more days! Let's make the best of it!


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