Saturday, March 17, 2012


Will you kiss me even if I am not Irish?
Happy St. PADDY's Day aka an excuse for drunks to be "allowed" to drink and drink.
What are your plans for the day? So far, I have played outside in the beautiful yet HOT as the dickens sun with my sweets and my nephew and went for a run while she napped.
I had plans to go out tonight with a group of friends "bar hopping" as they call it but when I agreed days ago I was NOT thinking..there will be idiots on the road and they most likely will stay out pretty late and I much rather have "my mommy day" on spring break before going back to lame school Monday, spending a couple hours in the sun with my friends with a drink in hand tomorrow! Sounds way better than being hung over the next day. Much rather work on my "tan".
This spring break I went to the beach twice with my friend and with Sadie! We had a blast but I would like some ME time to just lounge out and not have to chase after her ;). So my mom said she would watch her for a few hours tomorrow. I am excited!
I have priorities and responsiblity and something is telling me to stay put tonight. God forbid anything happened to me, and the thought of never seeing my little girl again, oh I rather stay put!
Besides, I have some homework and laundry to do and pictures to organize and tomorrow I can lounge out and enjoy my last day of spring break, and at night watch DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES!
I am addicted to Pinterest and I saw these funny pins I thought I would share but does and will NOT pertain to me today or tonight :).
Please be safe and enjoy excuse to get drunk and get your party on, have some for me!!


Thought these were all super cute ideas!
Btw, the little leprechaun came and visited my house!! Oh my!
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