Monday, March 26, 2012

Silly Smiles of Sadie!

I simply just love this little girl to pieces. Day after day for personality keeps coming through and she just cracks me up with the things she does. I keep telling her she should go apply at the local nail salon! She just goes about yapping away in her own little language telling me god knows what. She certainly has a mouthful to say. I can only wait until they are full words and sentences! Yesterday she made this funny face and noise with her nose and just waits to see what mommy will do or how I will react. She's a character I tell you. I have a little comedian on hand.

I just cannot get over her vocabulary. I have to write a list and get her on video saying all the words she knows. I swear it expands daily. Other day I taught her to say "blue!" . She is one very smart cookie.

But also I am seeing more of the "terrific twos shining through" yes I said terrific twos! ;) the other day she did not want to leave the store so she sits down on the floor and then lays down was pulling one of those "I'm not leaving mom". Oh yes you are little girlie. Mommy just picked her up while she kicked and screamed as if I were kidnapping her. Boy she is a handful and some. I always tell others she is like having two kids in one. She is very high Maintenence and constantly needs interaction. She keeps me going from sun up til sun down!

We had a good weekend, played outdoors a lot, did errands with Mommy's friend and even had a terrible bang cut thrown in there. Yes Sadie will not let mommy out pins in her hair to clip back get bangs in her face. And her bangs from the first cut grandma did have grown in her eyes. Instead of waiting for grandma to cut them, I took a shot at it on my own. BAD IDEA. But hey don't we all have those bad haircut stories?! ;) I refuse to cut her curly hair just her bangs. Mommy wants her hair to stay!

How was your weekend?! :)

This one picture of me when I was little hangs up in the garage I HAVE no idea why but anyways I took a picture of it. When I was at Target with my friend and Sadie, she put on sunglasses and I hurried and took my phone out and snapped the best I could befre she yanked them off her face. And I tell you she looks just like mama! What do you think?!

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