Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hanging Over onto the New Year...

New Years Resolution: Right now, I want to say never drink again. I don't want to see that A word or smell it or even talk about it. But let's be realistic here. I'm sure I will drink again but I am for SURE retiring those things called long islands. I wonder why or how they named it that. I sure don't feel like I am on an "island" now. I am suffering from a beyond terrible hang over. After 2 blue long islands, and a "shock treatment" I think it gets worse before it gets better. I surely went out with a bang!

My best friend Bonnie and her coworker that I have came to know well, we all went out to Hard Rock where the famous Anna Nicole Smith happened to be found passed away at. Anyways, we arrived about 11 and walked around and bar hopped. We ended up sitting at Blue Plate where we had went last year. I told my bestie we should give Alex a kiss on the cheek when the ball drops! He was surprised and liked that a bit!

Gambled my first time at the slots and I lost my $10. Ha! It was fun I guess. Don't know how people can sit there for hours on end.

So my new years attire...I wanted sparkles! And I surely got it! Loved it! I used my gift cards I got from Christmas! And then I ran into a shoe store as well with Sadie (might I add she did quite well shopping yesterday last minute with mama I was quite proud!) . I quickly asked someone what shows they think would go well with my dress. This woman suggested these very sparkly and glittery heels. I was unsure but I trusted her! Tried one on quick and got them and left! Well when I put them on at home I gasped! I thought I am going to break a leg or an ankle in these! I have never owned such a hair pair nor sparkle ones! After being dressed up, my 16 year old sister saw me and she laughed and was seemed so shocked how I looked! Said I looked so good. Made me smile! I never take time on my "mom" days to glam up or do my hair or makeup much so I was happy to feel pretty!

My mom saw me dressed up when she came home from work told me they make my legs look longer and said I am toned in my calves as well. Made me smile :) yet I was worried shed be visiting me at her work, IE me in a hospital room with an injury ha. But surprise I made it!! No broken anything Horray! I did quite well in them! Had to take off towards end of the night tho!

I also dyed my own hair first time last night before going out. My dad said it may be too dark and I won't like it. I gave it a whirl. I thought what have I done its too dark! But quickly I grew to LOVE it! I think I look better with dark hair than lighter hair! What do you think?!

For this new year, I am excited! I will be doing my clinicals this month at school and in June graduating medical assisting and FINALLY getting a job! I have not worked in the last 2.5 years and I hate not having money! I am so anxious to work and start saving so I can work on getting my bootay out of here! I see a lot of good things in store for 2012! As far as New Years resolutions, I know it's cliche to say, but I honestly want to make a habit as like brushing my teeth to workout every day even if it's 10 minutes. Hey, it's better doing something than nothing! I also want to do more with Sadie, teach her things and be the best mama I can be! I want to work on my relationships with my family members and continue to do well in school! What are yours?

I will leave you with pictures from last night and this morning, THE DAY AFTER! Oh no' ha! I am off to nap since my little one is down! I pray I feel a tad better after!

HAPPY 2012!


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Mommie Couture said...

Looks like a great time!! Happy New Year!! Ps thanks for the comment on my blog! Accidentally clicked reject instead of accept :( silly iPhone!

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