Saturday, January 28, 2012

Photo Shoot & Half Day at SKOOL

Yes, I know I spelt that wrong ^^^.

Click, click, say CHEESE! Last week my friend and I took Sadie to a local park and she was kind enough to use her nice camera (one that mama needs) and take snapshots of Sadie and her mama. I noticed I don't have any professional ones lately or nice ones of her and I. She did pretty well for not knowing much!

Another happening this past week was that since I've been doing well in school, I let myself have a half day where I knew I wouldn't be missing anything extremely important. So on Wednesday after I took my test a friend and I went to Ft Laudy beach beach. I always here peeps my age talk about this local place at BeacH Place...Fat Tuesday's where they have these frozen drinks mixed with alcohol. I never had one before and since I usually have my hands FULL with Sadie and can't get out often I jumped at the chance and had one. Only thing is, I went for the strongest one called CAT 5 ( aka hurricane category 5). The name itself just says it all. If you had the bottle it was only $6 to fill up but if you didn't (like me) it costs $9 not bad, with $1 if you want extra shot. I totally forgot about the extra shot my friend told me about until the bartender asked im like FUDGE, mise well do it. I drank that bottle pretty quick always do with my drinks, HABIT IN NEED OF BREAKING. Well I started feeling it and I thought I better sober up before I am home bound. I just then started feeling extremely tired.

I got home was okay but felt it slightly. All I wanted WAS. MY. BED. Ah. I thought I have 5 more hours until Sadie goes down-didn't think I'd make it.

I put her to bed and I went in about 8:40 and PASSED THE HECK OUT! I woke up at 4 am because she woke up. I tell you I never slept so good in so long and of interruptted sleep. I needed that!

Nothing too exciting happening this weekend. Was supposed to go to the beach yesterday with my bestie and Sadie but weather wasn't too great. Today was supposed to go to a carnival that my friends dad and mom wrote our name in WITHOUT ASKING. Very sweet of them to think of Sadie and I but what if I had plans? Thing is, it's a customer appreciation thing for her dads work and it's in WESTPALM BEACH (45 minutes from here). I know my daughter. She is not a car person just locally around here. Also I don't have a car right now working to take it up there and I would have to ride up with my friend. I can VISION IT ALL NOW. It would be a hell of a ride up there and she wouldn't last but 1-2 hours just like my local church carnival here and that's the last I wanna do is cause my friend to have to leave. It's from 12-7 and I just don't see Sadie lasting. My friend is upset. Not mad. I just feel bad but if I had a working car, would be no problem because I could leave when needed.

Rest of weekend, have nephew a couple hours today, I'm exhausted thinking of it! Haha! My sister will be helping watch Sadie on Monday when I start clinicals! YIKES! So I'll help a few hours today by watching her son. I asked my best friend to come over if she wants since shes off and hang out. So I am hoping she will come and help! Hah

Oh! I forgot! My Sadie girl got her bangs cut (no hair cut tho I love her curls!) I asked my mom to cut her bangs because they were in her eyes and she never keeps things in her hair to keep it up!

Hope all have a great weekend! Working on a special fitness-exercise-diet post later today so look OUT!

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