Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Round Up & Then some!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun? learn something new? I must say I had a good weekend. Lots of time and play with little Sadie. Tomorrow is Monday and I have yet to do any homework or studying! YIKES! Must get off this social media aka (Facebook, blogger land, Instagram, PINTEREST, twitter) everything! And buckle on down!

I found some SUPER cute pinterest ideas I must share with you!

Also my friend has one of those awesome cameras and is learning to use it, we took Sadie out this weekend to the park and got some shots of her and I! Next week I would LOVE beach shots. I also asked friends if they would want to help doll mama up and take shoots of just me and then just Sadie and I! Super soles about that!

So much to do in so little time! I have a mile high list it never ends and just keeps getting bigger!

Any of you watch Desperate Housewives?! What an episode! Jaw-dropping as usual ! Can't wait for next weeks! I wish it didn't come to an end!

A cute little fact this weekend, I put Sadie down for a nap and I blew a kiss to her and she took out her binky and blew one right back. Gosh I love her like whoa!

Forgot to mention, over the weekend, I went out to watch the Heat game at a fact restaurant also had the heat playing. I had a few drinks and stayed well with my salad. I think the mixture of the drinks and salad made me sick. My bestie wanted me to have a bite of that cake but I absolutely couldn't! I had some before so I know what it tastes like. Ha.

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