Friday, January 6, 2012

Tat -tat tat it UP!

Ink, I has it' --Tattoos are stories on your skin--Ladies don't get tattoos, hot chicks do--I'll never forget the day my younger rebellious sister and I were hanging out in my room in the summer of July when I was 17, month away from being legal for certain things! My sister just randomly said "hey Jill let's go get a tattoo". I looked at her as if she were crazy but I guess I went along with the idea. We hopped on the bus to take us downtown towards the beach. Took us a while but we made it. We go into this little shop by the beach and I had no idea what I wanted. Can't remember how I picked it. I want to guess I was flipping through and picked it: a pink stencil stamp like butterfly. I wasn't 18 but I was a month away I am guessing that's why they let me slide. Have my ID and that was that, I got a tat! I don't remember the pain to tell you the truth!So that was my first one! I believe my 2nd one was the shooting stars tattoo on my stomach. That one is eh, okay. I would if I could get it removed now. That was probably a year or so later. Then came the butterfly on my right foot. That was painful but doable ! I LOVED it! And still do. I would say that's my 2nd favorite. The colors are beautiful and still good 3 years later! The 4th one was out of the blue like they all were and really have no true meaning to them. My friend originally wanted this one but decided no because she lived with her grandma at the time and was of age but thought otherwise. So I like the smart one I am "not really," thought OH I WANT IT THEN! Which was an outline of a pink star on my right hand. I will tell you that little sucker out of all FIVE of my tattoos hurt the worst. Don't know why, possibly the spot. The tattoo artist even asked me the reasoning behind the star I wanted. SO SHOULD HAVE took that and decided not. But too late I did it. To this day people think its a "club stamp" or drawn on! I always say I would laser it off IF I had the money and the "gonands" go to speak. If this hurt like a SOB to get on I couldn't imagine what it would feel like I get off. So Forget that! For my 21st birthday present from my parents, there was a tattoo convention that my mom brought me too, yeah MY MOM. LOL. My dad had always thought my first "tramp stamp" tat was horribly done. They asked if I would want a cover up. So we went and it was neat to see something like that. I didn't think I would be able to get anything done that day because how busy it was. This one guy happened to be not busy and we looked at his work. I fell in love with this paticular one, a flower and a butterfly . I told my mom I wanted it. He kept suggesting to look at other ideas if I wanted. But I didn't. I LOVED THAT PARTICULAR one. So I sat up and had a smile on my face the whole time. People came by and said how good it looked. I got my first ever one covered up by that! Awesome birthday gift! It hurt but was worth it.Last but not least for now, is my daughter's tattoo. I knew I wanted a tattoo of my child's name on me. I got the idea from my best friend of the location and writing style I wanted. I got it shortly after I had her. I had no idea she would pass away 35 days later. About a month or so after she passed, I got her tiny footprints under neath her name and birthday. I do not have the memorial date she passed away, didn't want it but I think I will add to it one of these days just don't know what quite yet..and eventually get her sisters name Sadie on the other side. Connect them someway I would love.I got this idea to blog no other then Raven's blog,!

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samantha said...

awww, i have my daughters footprints in the same spot! and what a special way to keep that moment. frozen in time. gorgeous.

Alyssa said...

Totally wouldn't even think of a club stamp when I saw it! Maybe I'm just slow? Haha

Raven said...

damn right cool chics get tattoos! ha love it! And we both have a butterfly on the same spot, twinsies? and the footprints one is just precious and awesome and I wish I would have thought about that when my kids were that little! Love all of them Jill!!!!

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