Thursday, February 16, 2012

17 months...

17 months ago today the shift change of nurses came in and said I was the talk of the morning. The nurse said "I have two things to tell you. One (I can't remember the one part ha) and two sounds like you may be having a baby today". Sure enough my nurse for the day comes in and says the doctor said its baby time!!! Ah. I wont ever forget it. I was excited, scared, happy, nervous, freaking. I immediately texted a BLM friend of mine and told her then I called my mom' she happened to be working on the 4th floor of the hospital I was in! She was able to get her shift covered and came down to be with me and get result to witness the birth of her 2nd granddaughter!

My labs were changing, my headache that was quite severe never went away, swelling and increasing blood pressures were more than enough my doctor wasn't taking any more chances! So I was on my way to be prepped and in came grandma and off we went! I remember being so nervous being wheeled in to the OR. I remember it being a small room with bright lights and lots of gowned and gloved people in there. I was sitting on the table ready for my shot and I kept thinking I'm not ready im not ready for this. I was so scared. I remember shaking incontrobably after being laid down. Not sure if was medicine or because I was cold or nervous or what.

Then it began and minutes later at 11:00 am exactly my sweet little girl was born! I heard cries and she was brought over to me and I was sort of in a blur was thinking is she mine? I kissed her little cheek and I was on my way to being stitched back together!

And here we are today, 17 months later. It feels like just yesterday I was being wheeled out of hospital with this teeny tiny 4 lb 15 oz baby thinking I have a baby to take home. Now what? How will I do all of this? How can I be responsible for such a tiny little life? But sure enough I have made it and am making it. She is my world, my light, the keeps me going each and every day. She continues to amaze me by the things she does and comes up with. She is so very smart and grows prettier every single day.

I cannot imagine what life was like without her. SHE COMPLETES ME.

17 month old facts:

Knows where her head, teeth are as well as her belly button, toes !
Learned "cold" today and knows what it is!
Starting to eat a bit better and enjoys feeding herself!
Loves the outdoors and Finding Nemo "Ishies" .
Loves her "mama" aka grandma!
Knows eyes and "pee yew" squeezes mamas knows and says it.
Knows to tell me she has "POOPIES"
Gives random hugs and kisses oh so sweet.
Yesterday she said "baby" and kissed my necklace where Naomi is.


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Elle's mommy said...

Hello, I believe I commented on your blog a while ago and you wrote me back and I never got back to you! I am so sorry! Your baby girls are so beautiful and yay for 17 months! :) You give mamas like me lots and lots of hope and joy... :) I enjoy your blog...thanks for writing!

Nicki (Elle's mommy)

Elle's mommy said...

Hi Jill! Responding back to your comment on my blog. I don't want to put exactly where I'm from but Ohio, the Northeastern part... : ) Hope you are having a great day!


Mommie Couture said...

She is so precious!

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