Friday, February 24, 2012

Randomness and HELLO Friday!

Munching on carrots and dip, just finished a few slices of my cut up steak that mama left, and soon to be eating my yogurt cup. All of that equals a healthy lunch, ey?? ;)

Yes, my friend from class swears I am a Canadian because I always am saying "ey". Well I am part French Canadian after all my mama is! Anyways, I thought let me quickly blog while Sadie is napping, won't be for much longer. Let me tell you I am already REGRETTING my usual nap time with her. I usually always take a nap with her but I wasn't tired so I thought I would clean the floor and I am just sitting down to eat and it's HIT me. I think coffee is a must later for the day!

My bestie works as a Barista so maybe I will go and visit for a free cup of Joe ;).

Yesterday I decided to give myself a free day and not go to class. I am doing well and I thought I deserved it. Okay I should have stayed and took my test but I figure I'll study and take Wednesday not get a bad grade. I was browsing Target yesterday morning and I came across these items I wanted :( for me for my getting my fitness and weight loss on but I am Broker than broke. I just had to sigh and walk away. I also found Easter items. Made me sad yet happy. I thought of Naomi, her birthday is coming up. I feel terrible I should be working on the MARCH OF DIMES walk or Preeclampsia walk but with school and all I can't. I think I may just be walking in the preeclampsia walk tho. I think it's in May so I do have some time! I want that to be something special I do every year for Naomi's birthday. Make a team bigger each year and get word out!

This morning my sister and I and our little ones went to this in our local area . It was awesome. Boy I wish I was a kid again, heck I was! I had so much fun but not as much as SADIE DID! She loved it! It's an indoor place with bounce houses! She was screaming and laughing and just going crazy! I was worried she wouldn't go on them because just last week we had a birthday party with a teeny bounce house and she wouldn't go in until the kids were out! Silly girl! We had a blast tho and she had been up since 6;30 so I think I got her good and tired out! :)

I have a baby shower to attend tomorrow and tomorrow night I am hopefully seeing the Vow with the bestie! Sunday probably another play date with my sister!

Hope you all have a fun filled weekend!

IT'S FRIDAY !!!! We made it yet to another weekend!


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twiggy@thedirtlife said...

i just found you and am very moved by your story.

you are a remarkable woman to have suffered such loss, and yet, never give up hope!

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