Friday, February 10, 2012

I've got the Golden Ticket!

Tomorrow, February 11 is a huge Powerball drawing. $314 million or whatever it is! I see that dang sign every time on my way home from school. I always hear of these lotto pools winning the big pot! I did some research and they said best thing is to have between 5-15 people in a pool no more no less. The less you have than 5 mise well play by yourself and the more is just not smart because prize value between each lessens. Well I tried asking some, and well two declined. They will be sorry once we come up with the winning ticket tomorrow night :). I have 4 people in my pool. My one friend went in her office pool of 24! Now that's just silly but who knows maybe they will win, that breaks down to like $7.1 million each (heck I'd be happy with that still) when you take cash value in hand which is $191 million.

My best friend, her co worker and a good friend of mine we all put $20 each in. Sucks that they made the powerball $2 now but whatever! I have a good feeling about this!

After I came out of the store, it had rained some and two rainbows appeared in front of us! I think that's a sign :)

Any of you go in a pool?!

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Holly said...

my coworkers and I pooled!

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