Saturday, February 4, 2012

Working on my FITNESS...

I am excited to announce that I am finally going to the GYM! I absolutely Love love love it! About a week ago I saw my friends post on facebook about wanting someone to go with her and split the membership once a month . I replied wish I could but I don't have a job. Well she texted me and said she knows somewhat of my situation and said that I can come with her she wouldn't mind. She needed someone to help motivate her anyways.

Let me tell you I have never been so sore in my life! She knows her stuff and worked me HARD. I used to think back when I was 15-16 I can do the treadmill and come out with a hot body...lmao. WRONG WRONG WRONG. I know now that you must mix cardio and weights in. Let me say I never knew there were so many different machines for parts of the body. Totally awesome! I will say this, I HATE doing my arms. I am weak in that area and boy was I in PAIN.

I have been doing pretty good eating wise. My mom told me other morning before I left from school "Jill, it looks like you're losing weight". Made me smile.

I haven't gone in two days tho because we go when we both can but will be definitely hitting the gym tomorrow morning! Excited I am having withdrawals! I am down 3 lbs already. I am 5'1 and 121.2, now. I would like to weigh 110-115 and tone up! Trim my thighs, arms and get some abs! :) I'd be so proud if I can do it! The cute men are a plus!

Will be working out tomorrow while everyone is busy filling their traps hahah during super bowl! So is not my thing! Happy weekend everyone!

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Jamie said...

Good luck! I need to start workingout regularly too. I have been slacking.

Bethany said...

Yay love this fitness inspiration! I need to keep my gym-going up too :)

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