Monday, February 13, 2012

Love. Birthdays. Parties. Wedding. GALORE.

Love: an intense feeling of deep affection.

I love Sadie with all my heart and every fiber of my being and cell in my body. I look into the eyes of her and i cannot get over what a beautiful girl mommy was given. I love her sweet sister who is with us in spirit everywhere we go, Naomi Hope.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I am early but I rather be earlier than later. I never cared much for this day even when I had a significant other. I think honestly one day should not be said for a day of love. Everyday should be. The chocolates, the cards, the flowers, I really could care less. I do like the colors tho pinks, purples and reds! I can admit that! :) otherwise its just another money making Holiday if you ask me.

Sadie had a fun filled love filled weekend! Saturday she had her friend Mia's birthday party which was quite fun! I have to admit I got testy eyed when I saw them light the THREE on the cake. Naomi would be turning 3 in 2 more months. I honestly cannot believe it. Otherwise the party was a cute little one.

Yesterday, my dear friend Holly invited me to my first ever Valentine's Party for the little ones! And HOW CUTE IT WAS! I had a GREAT time. Lots of candy and colors and love in the air with her family and friends! We all decorated their own hearts with stickers, we decorated a heart cookie with frosting and candies! There was plenty of sweets galore!

I deemed yesterday as my cheat day and boy I am paying for it last night and this morning. I snacked on valentine colored candy corn, half a brownie, a cake pop (made by her sister who is an AWESOME baker) and some pizza. I am not used to that stuff and it did me in! Do not want to see sweets for a long time! In fact, I am home sick and cannot go to clinicals today :(. Sick with a child is no fun!

And guess what else? A surprise WEDDING! Short and oh so sweet! My friends dad married them outside in their backyard with all of her friends and family and I couldn't have been happier to have witnessed it! I cannot be any happier for them! They deserve it!

Hope you all had a fun weekend as I did!


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Bethany said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend! That party looks like a blast :)

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