Thursday, April 1, 2010

10 months

Today marks 10 months that my sweet Naomi has been gone. Lately, and especially the last few days, I have been remembering a LOT. Last night, I was texting with my best friend, about the memories. She was surprised at how much I remembered. Of course, I will never forget anything.

She remembered the morning I called her, she was getting ready for work, and I called her and said "she didn't make it". She was pretty upset, and went into work and her coworkers noticed her the way she had been and let her have the day off after she explained and she came to my side. I remember that day as she pointed out, I did not want to go home nor could I, so her parents got us a hotel for 2 nights. Her and her family have done and continue to do SO much for me. I want to do something in return, they are amazing.

I know I shouldn't think about her passing and think about the wonderful 35 days that she was here. I remember a few days before she passed, this nurse was having trouble with the pharmacy in the hospital with getting Naomi's medicine that she needed PROMPTLY because of how sick she was. My mom and I were there and the nurse started aruging and getting on the persons case on the phone demanding that the medicine be brought up asap. My mom and I were really happy with the way she handled it and was taking care of my Naomi. She said "I fight for my babies."

I was thinking, last night, I didn't even send ANY thank you cards for people who attended her funeral. I feel awful, but I know I wasn't in my head for quite some time after everything. I don't know if now is way too late or senseless? I have to rememember who went, it means so much to me even two of my dads best friends came, and 2 of my favorite nurses that took care of Naomi came and the NICU director. I want to send them all a thank you for all that they did and took care of my Naomi. She was a very loved little girl and is a loved little girlie. I was reading last night her NICU summary as well, and got to the big paragraph of May 31st/June 1 when they spent a whole TWO hours on Naomi from 3:45 til 5:38. It amazed me, how long and how much they tried. I look back on it now and it didnt feel like 2 hours being in there.

I will close off with a youtube video of my beautiful angel Naomi Hope. I am SO thankful I was able to get this and 2 other videos of her. This was when she was so very active. There was a couple next to her with their baby singing and I think she was reacting to that.


Michelle said...

I left a little gift for you on my blog.

Jill said...

Sorry, I was just able now to get on the computer, I need to work on my blog some more. I love the egg you made for Naomi. Its beautiful! Bless you. <3 Thank you, Thank you. Brought tears to my eyes. I made Naomi easter eggs as well.

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