Monday, August 30, 2010

Pokes, jabs & bedrest

Who knew, how much can happen within a week or so! I had woke up the morning of the 19th, with nausea, and it stuck around for a good 3 to 4 days. I had no vomiting, just a few headaches, and plain felt lousy. I started to worry a bit, and did some googling and of course I read on nausea and flu like symptoms and that got me thinking, what if that is whats going on? I remember 3 weeks before I gave birth to Naomi, I had a day of just not feeling well at all, so it all panned back to that.

I decided I would take myself on Sunday morning, to get checked out, even tho I had an apt on Tuesday with my ob, just did not feel right waiting. So I went in to OB triage & they ran tests, everything was fine, was about to be released when I started CONTRACTING! Um, at 31 weeks? I did not feel the beginning of them but later on I began to feel the tightness & pain. I thought, my gosh, What else is next? I was contracting every 10 minutes so they decided to admit me and do tests for preterm labor. I started to freak!

It was negative, but I also ended up having a short cervix as well. They put me on procardia for contractions watched me for 4 days, and even though I had had a tough night the night before, the doctor released me that thursday. I was sent home on bedrest, and that morning, I took my bp as usual and it was a bit high, so I retook it again, and still high, I reported back to my nurse, she spoke with my doctor & he said to come in and get checked. So back to the hospital I go! (a different one, the one I perfer to deliver at).

So well, they did some tests again, my bp was fine and under control, and here we go again, I started contracting every 10 minutes. So I was then told they were going to keep me. So as of Friday, I have been here, this is my home for the remainder of whatever is left with my pregnancy. I have two things to be watching, preeclampsia and preterm labor. So very scary. I feel alot better being here, under watchful eyes. I have been swollen in my feet, hands and face but as of this morning i was told the swelling went down a bit in my face, which is always good news! I am being weighed daily, on procardia, and iron due to low iron levels. I had PIH labs don this morning about an hour ago, so those results should be in within an hr or so before this nurse leaves.

I just am being told and how things are looking or possibly progressing with pree AGAIN, I will possibly expect a NICU stay. That is okay, but I am asking myself am i really ready for this again? I surely know the "rollercoaster" of the nicu, and I tell you, that ride, will never come to an end. I am scared, the familiar noises, sounds and smell, athought I am in a different hospital than with Naomi, it is just not easy, for any parent. But I have no choice, I have to do this, day by day, I will get through this. Look how far I have come now!?

I am very anxious and worried to how they will turn out. Because from within a few days, we repeated my 24 hr urine, and it jumped from 400 to 600. I just pray I can hold on for a couple more days, if anything weeks, and keep this little girly cooking some more! The great news is that, I am 32 weeks, have steriods on board (as of 25 weeks, got a rescue dose while being here) and she weighs 4 lbs! Nurses always comment how wonderful she is and stays on the monitor, makes me a proud mama! I keep telling myself, look how far I have come, not many people thought I would make it past 28 weeks, but I made it a WHOLE month past that. I am thankful,I must say, with the support of my family, friends & BLM's.

THANK YOU so very much. I know my sweetbaby angel, is watching over her mommy and little sister to be. I miss her so much, & I have had some breakdowns while being in the hospital, not the easiest place to be.


MissingYouAlways said...

I will be praying for you sweetie!! you and baby will be alright!! I know being pregnant again is terrifying!! I had a breakdown a few days ago because I am just weeks away from being where I was when I lost JOrdan. its a terrifying thing and it sucks we have to be so afraid.. and what we have to be afraid of.
thinking of you and baby girl!

Lisette said...

Still praying for you!!! I hope you can hang on a few more weeks but if that is not the case praying and praying. The good thing is you are being watched and monitored carefull. ((HUGS))

Jill said...

Thank you girls! Day by day, gotta keep trucking along!!

Jill said...

Thank you girls! Day by day, and I have offically made it into September!! ;)

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