Friday, May 20, 2011

Busy-eventful Thursday

“Friends are angels who lift our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly.”
Yesterday morning, my best friend, Bonnie came over at 11 am and while my little Sadie was napping, we ran off to my fave, Starbucks for some much needed energy for the day. She just so happens to be a partner of them so she got us her discount. I got my usual, 2 pump iced white mocha no whip, small! (can you tell I am not a usual persay, hense, I forget what a small is called i "starbucks terms"!

We headed back so I could get Sadie ready and to Target we went. We had made plans to do a few things that day. We searched for bathing suits for my oh so exciting Sunday Funday ahead of us at RAPIDS WATERPARK! I repeat, do not have the best bikini body that I wish I had time and a gym membership to work at, but I am OK with how I look in one for now and thats HUGE from where I came from years ago. My best friend suggested the new "bra type" tops for us. Mine is purple and we both got skirt bottoms to match ours. Only thing is, i kind of feel like i am "popping" out of my suit but my bestie says thats how its supposed to be! Ha we shall see.

So after that adventure, we both know we want a different hairstyle look so she had suggested we go to a WIG store and try them on. I laughed, I wasn't going to try any on, I just didnt feel right if we werent seripus about actually buying one, but as she is getting fitted for one, she goes "aren't you going to try on one?" and thelady said " yeah! Here ill get you this one". Well lets just say I am glad I tried on the darker brown with bangs because I almost was deciding on that as a hairstyle. A big NO NO that would have been for me! She puts on the one lighter brown with some blonde highlights and that seemed to be the one! I was blonder before and i always missed it but cant afford it just really so we shall see what i can figure out! We sure had fun and a few laughs. I told the lady "we will be back with our husbands they may not be happy with us right now if we splurge on these wigs"! She said okay and wrote down everything for us. I sorta felt bad because there was no wy either of us were actually going to go back and purchase those ovwr $300 wigs. No, thank you.

After our wig extravaganza, we ended up going to Panera Bread for lunch! I had a great chicken cesar salad there! Trying to eat better, don't eat horrible, but I could defintely eat more veggies and fruits i am just quite busy! Have to start preparing meals at night! Side note: I have been noticing last couple days I am beyond tired. I do know I did stop my usual runs daily for some reason and am not getting all my nutrients and daily water requirements as I should. So I am going to try starting back up my runs and really loud up on the water. As i am typing away, i can feel I am thirsty and I read that dehydration can actually make you quite

tired. Ive did some mini research this morning so i am going p do an experiment and see if thats what it is, I hope!

Then, Bonnie suggested we go and get PEDICURES! She wanted to pay. She pays for so much of our things, yet as I do try and pay for things oo, its only fair. I was able to get my sister to babysit little Sadie, I was able to put her down for a nap which was good because my sister never really watched her and she is 15 but she did well, because she slept the whole time. So we got out tootsies done! What a treat that was! Our FIRST ever time getting them done together. We both decided we need to go monthly together, but i dont know if i can afford that. We shall see! We kept saying we need to find rich men or win the lotto; which ever comes first, any voters on that one!? ;)

And, our day continues! A full day out and about shopping and pampering ourselves! We both have severe sweet tooths! But you'd never guess with Bonnie. Shes tiny! I used to be small like her but since having my Sadie, I have my last 10 lbs Id love to lose! We decided to go to this candy shop down into the other town wherw I live. Oh sweets galore! We both got the SAME pecab choc caramel apple. Dumb, we should have got two different kinds and shared! We also got two mini cupcakes, so cute!

Luckily, I wasn't a piggie and shared it with my mom and brothrr ! I ended up having 3 slices of the apple and half of the mini cupcakes, not half bad, ey!? Still, have got to get back to my runs asap TODAY! Will be blogging about my weight issues layer today hopefully and on mh "hot mom status"!

What a great day I had with the bestie and Sadie! I was so exhausted yet I stayed up until 12:30 1! I always say i am going to go to bed when she does @ 8 but thats MY own time to do whatever it may be, which now, I have my own ritual going on. Put Sadie to bed, clean up the area and kitchen, and then sit my behind down, catch up on bloggies, email and facebook! Yes, I spend 3 hrs on that. Addiction much? I think I have to change that routine! Any suggestions!?

How was your Thursday?

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