Monday, May 16, 2011

Butterfly World, Eight Months, and Baby Fever, say what!?

How was your weekend? What did you do?

My friend Kylee suggested we go to .She knows of my obsession with butterflies and she had never been. We had both heard the weather wasn't going to be the best but there was not a cloud in the sky. Since Sadie had woken up from her nap, I thought, why not, lets go while it looks good. It was about a 25 minute drive. We got there and we went in and I was just floored. It was beautiful. There were butterflies EVERYWHERE, huge ones and little ones. The one that really caught my eye was the sky blue colored ones, there were like 3 of them together flying around and they were the hugest butterflies I had ever seen. Sadie was just watching them fly around. We walked through there and see all the different butterflies and beautiful flower and plant trees they had. They had music playing and at first I wanted to cry but I was okay afterwards. I associate butterflies with Naomi, everytime I would see one, I would think its her coming to say hello. I particually like the bright yellow ones and associate them with her more so, I think because she always wore her yellow hat in the NICU. It was just a very nice time and I would love to go back again and especially when Sadie is a little older and would really be taken back my all of it. I told her "we are going to go see sissy and all of her friends"! I just went on the site and read about how it came about, pretty interesting, you should take a look!


Look at me now I am EIGHT months today, Can't you see I am ready to play? Reaching for mommy & pulling myself up, I am a cutie, Yup! Yup! Yup!

I can't believe yet another month has flown on by! Four more months, and my little girl will be ONE, Holy SMOKES!

Each and every day, her little personality continues to shine on through! Its so cute! The things she does at EIGHT months old are:

*she sits up fully on her own now! Has no problem with her balance really and I find it cute but weird to come and get her from naps or in the morning seeing her sitting up like a big girl!

*JUST recently, a day or two ago, has now figured out how to pull herself up, on a box or in her crib OR on mama! Its so cute. She is a little rascal! And is still so little yet short, just like her mama!

* Reaches out for me when I go to pick her up, cutest thing ever!

*Also is starting to babble and baby talk more. bababa and mamama! Cute!

*The other day she started this "cough" thing. Its SO funny! My nephew does it too. Its like a "fake" attention cough type of thing, and yet my mom or I will do it and she will copy. Too funny!! Where do they get this from!?

*ANDDDD, TODAY, well Yesterday (since its midnight now!) I came home from an outing and my mom had Sadie and happened to do "patty cake" with her and kept saying "patty cake patty cake" and would just clap her own hands and SADIE STARTED DOING IT! Its sooo cute! My mom laughed because of her face when she claps her hands. I got a short video on it too! I will certainly share !

*Its amazing all the little things and developments they have. She was born 5 weeks early and seems to have no problems at all, right on target! Thats my girl!

Here is her EIGHT month old "picture"!
Baby Fever. Yes, I said it. I have ALWAYS loved loved loved babies and children, since I was a little one, well like the age of 12 or so. I am the oldest of four, and have helped with my siblings, babysat for SEVERAL family's children, worked in a daycare for 9 months, and most recently, was a nanny for 2 small little ones. I loved it. Kids are my world and where I belong. Well, as I have never seen or known so many mamams (blms's) and friends who are pregnant, or have just gave birth. I can't help but seeing them and missing being pregnant, all makes me want more! BUT, there are things in the way obv!

1) I just had my sweet Sadie, well feels like yesterday, but she is only 8 months old. And I have to enjoy my time with her while shes little!
2) There needs to be TWO to make a baby, right? And well, I am a single mother. Yes, mam I am! I am also NO where near having another baby, and thats been on my mind lately, too much actually, I even had a dream the other day I was pregnant! YIKES! I am afraid I won't meet the right guy who will accept Sadie and I or will want more children one day. BUT, if not, I am perfectly okay with just my little Sadie, and angel Naomi up in Heaven. I always did say I wanted 2 or 3 kiddies but if this is God's Plan, so be it.
3) I will be starting school in August and I want to graduate with that, (10 months), and be out of my parents home. Yes I realize that will probably be 1-2 years from now, or even longer, but I am willing to wait. I have to be financialy stable as well.

I just love being pregnant, minus the huge worries if I will get preeclampsia again or any other thing that may rise up. I have learned, a positive pregnancy test does not mean a baby in the end. Sadly, I know it all too well. And also, I did have severe preeclampsia TWICE, so I would be risking myself yet again and another babys life IF I decide to get pregnant again.

This is just been on my mind, but alot has to happen before I can go ahead and go for another one, HUGE things. I want to be married, be financially stable and have a job/finished school. I would love to have a little sibling for Sadie one day, and maybe by 5/6 years old so that way shed be mommy's helper! :)

Baby Fever...on HOLD PLEASE but not forever! :)


Tiffany said...

beautiful post mama! is that butterfly world? I went there many years ago. such a beautiful place... and to answer your question no, it doenst take two to make a baby... just you and a sperm bank ;) lol

Andrea said...

I get it fever that is. Thinking of you!

Heather said...

She is such a cute baby girl - always smiling!!!

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