Sunday, May 29, 2011

Random Findings

So, there is this huge trial that started last Monday in Orlando FL (which is 3.5 hrs from me). Casey Anthony vs the state. She is accused of mudering her 2 yr
old daughter Caylee, back in 2008. I was living with my now ex husband at the time when this story broke and how they were on the hunt to find her daughter. There is so many twists and turns going on now in the trial that we as the public Did not know. I personally think she is guilty-to what degree? I don't know just yet. It makes me SICK and so heartbroken. I look at my little Sadie and just it boggles my mind how could anyone do such a thing? She is a young mom and they are painting the picture that she wanted to have the party life and not be stuck as a single mom raising her. For God sakes the woman was out partying and clubbing while her own daughter was "missing". The trial is on every day Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm on Trutv (old court tv station). At 3pm eastern time it is showing on HLN. I have been GLUED to the tv all day. I would love love love to go and see a day in this case, but I did a little researching and it may be difficult getting my hands on a seat and especialy since I am not local. :( I would love to plan a road trip up there for the day. Just I would be worried about me opening my mouth in open court to ms Anthony. :/ I personally think she has guilty written all over her face. Nothing adds up. This is also a death penalty case as well. There had only been two woman executed in state of FL they mentioned.

On a lighter note, i came across this piece on TV about gender cakes. I did some googling and I think it is just the CUTEST THING EVER! what you do is, when you go to the dr to find out what you are having, you tell the tech or whoever to not to tell you the sex and just write down on piece of paper place in envelope and then from there you take to your local bakery. They will do up a cake or cupcakes with neutral frosting on outside and pink or blue as the cake itself. You then have family and friends (whoever else) to come over just for the cake ( you can make gifts optional). Then as everyone watches, you cut into the cake or bite into the cupcake and voila! You share that special moment with everyone!! I thought, omg I hope to someday have another little one and I would LOVE to do something like this! What do you think? I found some pictures that are too cute!

Okay, last but not least, you know I have to end with a picture of my sweet little girl! (I have to figure out how to place the pictures with the story or paragraph instead of all at the top! Any helpers?!)

Okay, not really. The picture of the baby with the yellow soap on her head....IS ME!!! can you believe it? I showed it to my mom tonight as she came home from work and she goes "OMG". i asked her how old I was there and she said just shy of being a year old. Wowza! Can you not say that doesnt look exactly like Sadie?!?! :)


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erinj0 said...

My friend did a gender cake!!! I think it is the cutest way to find out :) She had the cake done for her parents (& the rest of the family),but her mom was the one who got to cut the cake! They have it on video and it is great!

Love your blog!

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