Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I am a beautiful mother, a mother of two
Yes in deed, it's certainly true!

I wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day
Kick up your feet, relax and have it your way!

To those who's sweet babies are not physically here
Please know they love you so and are always near.

Naomi Hope & Sadie Marie, my daughters forever
One day, when it our time, we will be reunited together.

Today was a bittersweet Mother's Day. My dad gave me a hug and said "Happy Mother's Day. Just hearing that, i went into my room over to Naomi's memorial and opened the door to where she is. I touched her box and tears started streaming down my face. I talked to her, i told her i love her and that she made me a mommy the day she was born forever. I kissed her picture and tried to wipe my tears.

An hr later, my sister came over. I was excited because she had our gift we were both anxious to give to her. My sister gave my mom and i both beautiful boquet of flowers and gave me the funniest card! I got a laugh out of it, we all did. She certainly knows me!

She also gave me a $50 gift card to Kohls. Which was very nice of her. I feel bad because i didnt think to have gotten anything for her. Next year, i know better. Afterall, i do watch her son every week for little, i think i am exempt for a day. My mom loved her gift! My sister said she had been admiring her friends Pandora bracelets and so we picked out 6 charms. I happened to purchase the most expensive and colorful charms that "make" the bracelet. A "mom" charm and her birthstone color, august! She picked 3 girls and a boy (hense 4 of us). She was very happy with it and i bet she cant wait to show it off at work tomorrow.

My mom walked Sadie over to me with a balloon in her hand (happy mothers day balloon shaped in a heart and butterflies on it) and a huge candy bar (like mama needs chocolate) and a card. Filled it with a $1 and made her handprint. So very sweet.

This afternoon I went with my friend and het son to the water park. We had a very nice time. I even got to go on the big peoples slide! That, i hadn't done in a few years. She will like this park when she is more mobile!

I hope you all had a beautiful mothers day. And to those BLM's I have thought about you all dearly.

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Lauren said...

You are a beautiful mother of two. I hope you had a wonderful day with your sweet Sadie.

Raven said...

loved the pictures. Happy Mother's Day to YOU! I love reading your blog as you talk about your girls, so real and heartwarming :)

Martha Klopp said...

I tried to email you with the link on your profile but it didn't work. (and blogger has been weird and deleted your comment) Anyways I wanted to say thanks for commenting and to give you my email:
Looks like you have gone through a lot too..we can relate to each other! Best wishes with everything!

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