Friday, May 20, 2011

The Hot Mom's Handbook

Have you heard of it? The HMH? If not, do yourself a favor, take you, yourself, and I to the local bookstore or mall OR online and purchase it! At first I thought it was totally something different, but I still am glad I made the $17 purchase! Its so TRUE AND FUNNY!

I am reading a part right *now* and It couldn't be for me any better! I feel JUST like she did. And she's right..."let go of the way your life was "supposed" to be and enjoy what it is. For a long time I attached myself pretty tightly to "the dream". Believe me, the dream did not include being a single mom. I felt guilty about what I did wrong and angry about what my ex did wrong. I was mad at the world and myself. How could i possibly be the best mom with all of that inner frustration? I couldn't. I wasted all that time blaming my ex and myself for my situation. Negative attitudes and energy create more negative attitudes and energy. So break the cycle, I did. Whatever you are holding on to in your life, drop it, let it go. We all get figuratively trapped by our stuff. Letting go of our stuff on a regular basis, be it physical or emotional, gives us breathing room and makes us feel fresh and new."

Now, I am on a mission, several, and one being this one. To be able to say I let go of the EXACT ABOVE". What she said. I can do it, I just have to work at it.

It eats at me everyday, the "woulda, coulda, and shoulda--" as she said again " you didnt, so get over it! Lots of great points but i promise you, not all about that, this is just one mini chapter called "Fever pampers, more pampering-please!" Quite catchy, ey?

I could yap and yap about my oh poor me sad face things I wish I did or didn't do but I will save your and my sanity on that one---for another blog post! Haha, have to get back to these oh so attention grabbing babies! One of which is my darling daughter and other is my nephew. Hes still sleeping, as of 11, and its now 1:15. And my sweet Sadie napped earlier, they happen to be on opposite schedules today because SOMEONE not going to mention any names here, decided to give mommy a lovely usual 6:20 wake up call. Mama rolls over, checks her phone thought oh its 7 or 8 because of the light from my window. Oh no honey, its 6:20 . Gotta love her tho! Up bright and early to start the day!

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Lauren said...

sounds interesting. i need to check that out.

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