Saturday, April 30, 2011

March of Dimes 2011

I cannot believe its already been another year. Another year has passed without my sweet Naomi. The walk came up on us so very fast. I remember talking on the phone to my friend Holly whom we just met and were talking about our "goal of $1000". I remember thinking, but not voicing much, are you sure we are going to make that? Here we are, I don't have a grand total as of yet, but I know we made over $7,000-8000! WOWZA!!!!

This morning, we had our walk. My 2nd walk, my friend Holly's, first. I should have known from last year to get there and leave MUCH earlier. My best friend Bonnie, met me at my house for 7:15, and we were all ready to go by that time but had to pick up my sister and her friend. My nephew came with us and little Sadie and my mom and another friend of mine. We get there just about 8clock. The walk started at 8:30. I kept getting irriated and rushing my mom, I felt bad but I wanted to meet up with my friend AND captain, Holly from our team. I wanted to walk with everyone. We didnt get there early enough for breakfast or the coffee, but I didnt care too much about that, I just wanted to be with OUR TEAM of over 60 people.

We were all scattered but eneded up walking and meeting up with a few of my friends along the way. It was a 4 mile walk and was along the beach halfway. I kept thinking, I want to go in the ocean after, but unfornately, I didn't drive myself, drove with my best friend, and they needed and wanted to get home. I need to get on their butts about being more active so next year, we can all walk together and have no problems keeping up! But I am so very glad my best friend and other friends came out to support me and our team. So very thankful.

Towards the end of the walk, we started to go because of the rain more so plus my mom needed to get my nephew home. I know my other friends wanted to leave, but I DIDNT. I am the captain as well of our team and I had to leave. WTH is that? I brought Naomi's picture to be on our team table, I didnt even get to see HALF of our team, or mingle with the others, or get a beautiful cupcake that Holly's sister slaved to make. I am HEARTBROKEN I missed the angel ceremony at the end of the walk. My sweetpea's name was called and I was no where to be found, luckily Holly collected my butterfly with her name on it. I was also told that a family member of Holly surprised her with her softball team with a $1000 check! And Again I was no where to be found to stand with Holly to take a picture. After I heard that I just CRIED my eyes out.

I am so sorry I missed it all, all because we had to get going. Next year, for sure, I am going on my own and arriving earlier and being prepared. You would think this being my 2nd year in a row, I should know better. I just need do things on my own I guess, and if my friends want to support me, they are more than welcome too. I just am so hurt and bummed about missing the activities and not being able to walk the whole time with the whole group.

But, I did have a nice walk and glad my friends came out and my family to support us. This next Saturday, May 7, I am going to do the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia at our local water park. I am excited about that. Next year, I will do more of that than the March of Babies I think. I want to put and make Preeclampsia out there, not many people know about it, yet alot know about March for Babies. Alot of these babies are born due to severe preeclampsia and or HELLP. And I want to put a STOP to it!

Thank you all so much the walk was very nice! Bless you Naomi Hope and Benji Spider. We love you and miss you SO very much.


Andrea said...

Wow, you had an awesome team! Great job! Oh Jill, I am so sorry you missed the end and got upset! It brought tears to my eyes thinking about how torn you must have felt.

I tried responding to the comment you left on my blog, but it came back as undeliverable. I hope you don't mind me including it here.

Thank you so much for your kind words! 

I so agree.....I was the same way. I had no clue. I am the same way with pregnant friends. I always am asking them all the preeclampsia side effect questions! It will always be a fear of mine for all pregnant women. I still have a lot of anger from being included in the 5 to 7 percent.   I mourn not having a typical pregnancy. I mourn not being able to have the chose of having another baby. I thank GOD everyday my babies made it, but still 3 years later struggle. I can not even imagine if I like you loss a baby or babies to this disorder. I am truly sorry for you and your family's loss. Naomi was and is beautiful! So very unfair! 

Take care! 

Jill said...

No, its perfectly okay that you commented here Andrea! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Means alot to me. I am very glad youre twins are doing well. I love hearing positive stories thats for sure! I will be doing South Florida's First Annual Promise for Preeclampsia Walk this coming Saturday, before Mother's Day. I am excited. But next year I will definitely create a team for that and do it BIG! I want to put awareness out for that. Because of my story, my friends are finding out what it is. They all tell me they havent heard of preeclampsia. March of Dimes is widely known, I want preeclampsia to be like that too. I want to help stop it or catch it as early as possible until there is a cure!

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