Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Twenty-seven (27)

Picture this: I was drivinf home from meeting up with my dear friend Holly reguarding our fundraiser on Saturday. I happened to pass a billboard with "27 million" lotto drawing. So, with my obsession with the number obviously having to do with my sweet baby girl Naomi. I immediately went into "lala $$$ land" and started thinking oh the things I can do with thay money! I, honest to god, am one of the most generous people there are. Probably why i am so broke as it is from way before I just gave and bought for others. Well, i thought for sure one of the first ones i would give back to are my parents, no explantation needed right!? Then i would give to my best friend and donate to charities like the MOD and PREECLAMPSIA FOUNDATION for sure. Then I would finally be able to buy my own first car (i wouldnt go after a pricey car, just one that has no dings or knicks in it, the lights inside work, a radio working, the essentials, nothinv extravagent just a decent mom car on wheels! I would for sure pay for a personal trainer to whip my wee behind into shape, (no plastic craptastic surgery for this mama) i am one far from lazy, so I for sure would go through the sweat drenching workouts to be able to say I DID IT I WORKED MY BUTT OFF! Id purchase a huge new stylish wardrobe for myself and baby Sadie, shoes, purses oh and Makeup GALORE! Last but not least, believe it or not, i would still sit my bootay in school and get some type of education just so i have it !

A girl can DREAM!!! I know! Well, i then began on my merry old way drivng on home and talking to naomi and as i get to my exit at the light, a yellow butterfly appears and then flutters away! I was like wow! Shes everywhere, now come on sweetpea send mama some wishful thinking lottery luck! As i got home and all for the rest of the day, i swear, no lie, the number 27 has came up about a good 5 at least times! Never before has it. I told my mom, she kind of just laughed it off like as if you think youll win. But, i think its still something special. Naomi is around more so than ever afterall her birthday is in two more weeks. Wow.

So as i came across and thought of it, i snapped the shots of thr number 27 appearing. One was the age of a man i came across on a heart wrenching story. Another one was a question and story related school work i was doing and the other one was anothet blog comment . Then also i noticed a lot of scores of "27" on words with friends today. But by golly, ive only bought lottery tickets twice in my whole 5 years of being legally allowed to. The drawing is tomorrow night, so i say why not, lets go and purchase one more ticket! Yes, i am 1 in a gabillion trillion but you never know! My dad won 6 grand in a pool from work 3 years ago, was off by one number for 200 thousand!


Raven said...

aww loved this. I love that you see her in a sweet butterfly that flew right next to you at a stop light. Sweet little angel is everywhere :)

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