Sunday, April 10, 2011

Have you donated to the March of Dimes this year? Have you been out to your local places to help support your local teams!? Time and the days are dwindling and before I know it, it will be time for our fundraiser! I am so very excited, that our team, Spider's Hope, so far has raised $4,800+! I cannot believe it. And we have still have our fundraiser! This is the 2nd year in a row I have participated in the March of Dimes walk for my sweet Naomi. I will be walking with my dear friend Holly whom I met through the preeclampsia forums and we teamed up and have a team of over 20 people walking with us on Saturday, April 30th. Our fundraiser is on the 16th, next Saturday. We have SO many awesome prizes to raffle off, I am so siked! It will be at a local irish pub and restraunt and her boyfriend will be performing in one of the bands that night. So now, we are trying to get everyone out to help support our team and the MOD! I am excited for that night, my mom will be watching Sadie, and my best friend took off work and she will helps us sell raffle tickets and get people to doante as well!

So, I think my sweet little girlie, has been teething. Isn't drooling or any of that, but I have noticed she has been more cranky and is starting to knaw on things and what not. I keep thinking how weird yet cute it will be to see her with teethers in there! She is also found that when she hits the water, she can make water go everywhere! That is a new thing she is doing, started in the pool and then into the bathtub. I was able to get a mini video of it, I will have to figure out how to post on here to view! Its so cute! She also, has this thing where she put her feet in her mouth, in the bathtub and even when I feed her baby food. After bites she will stick her feet in her mouth, its too darn funny!

The other night, my friend Kylee came over who I hadn't really hung out with in a good while, yet is a sweet friend of mine. I met her at the eating disorder clinic we both stayed at (inpatient) back almost 6 years ago. I can't believe its been that long sicne we were there. We both have grown so much and are alot better, glad to report that! We ended up buying Sangria and cheese cubes and renting Toy Story 3! She came over, both babies were down and we had a great night! I am not much for cartoon type movies, but, how can you say no to Toy Story 3? (I have to admit, I see in THREE times in the theatres, I just loved it!) But my mom and sister didn't think it was that great, perferred the others!?

Remember when I mentioned about starting school again? Well, I had taken a test called the TABE test at the technical school I will be going to, its to see what areas I will need help in. I passed the math part (HUGE surprise, I am horrible) and the language arts I did as well. I need a higher score in the reading. So I was able to be set up with online mediation classes which is a huge help, because I didnt want to have to go in the classroom (ie having to find someone to watch Sadiekins!). So well, I have to spend 12 hrs a week doing that and when I am finished, I email the teacher and she will set me up to reschedule just the reading portion. I have always had trouble with the comprehension. But I came across this one question, and I immediately went to another place. (in my head). The word "antidote" I had heard once before. That was when I was in the NICU with the head DR discussing medicines and whatnot for my sweet , oh so sick sick baby girl Naomi Hope. Ugh. I remember her explaining she was on the phone with posion control trying to find a medicine that will help and work on my little girlie. I swear, I always find something, that reminds me of things reguarding her and what happened.

Have you ever heard or seen the "new thing?" Its called OPI Shatter. Its this black nail polish that you paint over any dry nail color on your nails and it becomes crackled type or "shattered" as glass would sorta look. I had never before heard or seen it until, one of the bloggers that I follow had wrote a blog about it and I thought that it was so neat! I seen another friend of mine that I know from highschool bought it, and I asked her where she purchased it from. I went out the other day with the babies, JUST to purchase it, but not for me, for my best friend. (I always am thinking of others, thats probably why my money goes down the drain :() but I would do anything for this girl, as she IS my best friend and has been there since I was abut 25 weeks pregnant with my dear Naomi and has helped me tremdendously through my grief and hard times. She knows I cant afford much and is always taking me out and stuff, I try to do things for her as well! The salon in JCPenny's where my friend said she purchased it at didn't have any more. So I ran to two others stores where I was told to and FINALLY I saw they had it. I would have been mad if I took both the babies out for that. But I was determined.

I told my best friend about it a while ago but she didnt know about it. I was surprised because she is ALWAYS painting her nails and toes , does a beautiful job. Has a huge collection of nail polish. So, I am surprising her with this. I am excited to give to her. I almost bought one myself, but they aren't that cheap for a bottle of nail polish, $9 and some change. But , I know it will go to good use with her. I just hope she likes it. I am sure she will think its neat, heck, I do! And my sister who is 15, says everyone in highschool has it. I wouldn't wear it every day type thing, but just for occasion. I don't see my best friend minding, but I tried it on me, and I think its neat! She will be coming over tonight once the babies are down and we are going to have some wine and cheese! (I happened to tell her about my night with my friend Kylee that she knows so she suggested her and I do the same after she gets off work!) So I am looking forward to that and surprising her with the nail polish! I told her to bring her nail polish over because I wanted a new color, but I just said that as a cover up. I am hoping she will wanna do her nails tonight too and she can test it out on her!

Would write more but, the babies just got up from their naps, so SUPERMOM duties await me! ta ta for now! :)


Raven said...

Ive heard all about this shatter nail polish. Might have to try it out. And it totally sounds like your little girls is teething, ugh! Bath pictures are SO the cutest!

*Laura Angel said...

Still think its awesome!!!! that your going to school!

Erika said...

Jill, thank you so much for the comment on my blog! I am so sorry your beautiful Naomi passed away. ((((hugs)))) I had pre-eclampsia with my first daughter...but it was much later in the pregnancy. I always wonder if it will come back- it runs in my family- my grandmother died from eclampsia, and my mom had pre-e with all her pregnancies. Sending you many hugs- I know how hard it is to say goodbye to our little ones, even knowing they are in Heaven...


Jaclyn said...

The nails look awesome!!!

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