Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Can we just add maybe a few more hours to the day so things can get done!? I have a list of 28435740 things to do and get done. THE NEVER ENDING LIST. Cross off 3 add another 2. My mind is ALWAYS on the go. I swear.

I purchased the wrong "app" on my phone the other day thinking it was a note app to help me better organize my notes instead of always scrambling for a piece of paper to write it down. But I bought the calendar that I already have, OOPS! So I deleted that app and I want to purchase the one app with the "sticky type notes". That looks neat and something that will help me for sure! Not a waste of money. As you can tell, or maybe not, I am "addicted and I just can't get enough" of my new phone. I just wonder, will I be able to keep up with the monhtly bill? I sure hope so, because I am in a 2 yr contract. I already owe Tmobile, I do not need another phone company after me. EEKS! Speaking of my phone, I got a word last night, on WORDS WITH FRIENDS that was 109 points! My best friend was shocked and showed me how to take a picture of it. Pretty neat. Unlike the "angry birds" that many love, I could care LESS for. I have never been interstede in those type of games, besides, I DONT HAVE TIME for that. I like the word game because it makes you think, makes that brain do some magic! I told myself on Wednesday, I am going to go PHONELESS and INTERNETLESS. I just want a break from technology. I dont want to be reached or have to continusely freak becasue I am thinking I am going to "die" if I dont see whats going on facebook every single second or the latest pictures and posts and what not. I just need a break from always constantly at my phone or my laptop. Have you ever felt that way? SO WEDNESDAY I WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE :)

Back to my list, I just would feel SO much better if I can get everything thats on my list accomplished for the day, but I just DONT. Especially with my nephew over like 24.6 I just cannot do it. I am always on top of the babies, and I dont ever have time for myself, to make myself look decent or even shower for taht matter. I always shower at night nowadays and look like you know what during the day. I am always trying to keep up with the house (living at home and not having to pay rent I feel I need to help, besides I have NEVER been a lazy person, always a HELPER). I cant stand doing nothing, So I am always doing laundary, dishes, cleaning the floor and the continuous messes my dad leaves in his area like its no tomorrow. MAKES ME HEATED i tell you.

The last couple days I had to let out a SCREAM. I feel bad because I just screamed (had to release it) and it scared my nephew and he started to cry. Two babies, the same age pretty much, are very demanding. Dont get me wrong, I love my nephew, but he lives here. I mise well adopt him seriously. I cant get much done. I worry about their needs and forget about my own stuff. My parents always tell me to leave hosuework and focus on them and what not but, I dont know about you but I CANNOT stand filth. Things have to be neat and ordered. ANd so as I sit here and blog, I am freaking because "my table" in the corner here has Sadie's clothes folded on it from tonight that I didnt get to do all day and my other list of things I need to get done. It just never stops. I am BEYOND overwhelemd and STRESSED.

My nephew got picked up today to go HOME where he belongs at 6 pm. Usually, her husband wouldnt pick him up until tomorrow (mid afternoon) since he is off tues to thursday but my dad insisted he be picked up tonight,. THANK GOD. I knew he was leaving at 6, I called my mom crying at 5 I just couldnt do it anymore. She reassured me he will be picked up. I changed into my jogging gear and as soon as my sister came and left, I was out the door with Sadie off for a nice run. I NEEDED THAT! Its amazing what that can do. I felt like almost, almsot a new person. Sweating and running with the music just relieves me. I kept thinking, here I am , working at it, and my sister goes and gets surgery. I am NOT a lazy person and it feels good to be able to say I run and I like to take care of myself (need to work double on that tho!)

So yesterday, I went to Target, to get one of my friends a birthday gift. She is the sweetest thing. I met her back almsot 6 years ago, at the Eating Disorder center when I went for 2 weeks. She is a petite little thing, 4'11 and has orange hair, just super cute reminds me of a MINI Lindsey Lohan (back in parent trap days) (def NOT like her one bit now) . She is quiet and is just super sweet has a heart of gold always has sent me things and I felt bad I had never been able to due to my money situation. Anways, I picked out her favorite gum, lipgloss and a $20 giftcard to Target (pretty sure she loves that store as well as I do! I swear I can spend a crapload of money in that store!) Well, I also bought 3 pairs of sockies for Sadie that were on CLEARANCE, I never really put socks on ehr anymore since its so damn hot here now (FL!) but I liked the colors (purple, pink, and white) and on sale! Can't beat that! I also rememebred I needed baby detergent. My mom always buys it for me but I thought this time let me buy it! I put everything on top of my doublestroller (I had both babies) and the degergent on the bottom since it was big. ($10 bottle). So I go up to the register pay for everything (or so I thought) (you can take a guess where I am going with this one). I had Sadie in my arm, my bag on my other arm pushing my nephew in the stroller and pushing them out to the car. I get to load them both in their carseats and I happen to look down and go "OH $h!t!". Yes, I TOTALLY forgot that I had the detergent!! I went back and forth decided should I go in there and tell them what happened and pay for it or just net time go and explain? Well I really did nto want to go back in, because I was dealing with the babies and they about had it. SO I choose to go on my way home. But on the drive, I felt SO SO SO guilty. I would NEVER intentionally steal, let alone with the babies thats just absurd. But, its been on my mind. OOPS!


April said...

It's good to take some time for yourself every now and then. I agree, we need more hours in the day! lol

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