Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seven Months & Happenings!

My big girl is SEVEN months old! Where has the world gone? Where has time gone? Wait. Everybody Stop. FREEZE. Hold it. Lets hold onto this moment forever. Can we!?

At seven months old, my little girl just never stops smiling. She has such an adorable cute gummy smile. No teethers yet! I would say she is teething but I keep feeling and nothing. I am waiting for one or two to poke right on through! She also has sat on her own for a good 30-45 seconds then loses her balance and tips right over. But its a for SURE start!

Our daily schedule goes a bit like this:

6-730 : Wakes up on her own. The past two mornings was a 5am early wake up call. I thought to myself, youve got to be kidding me little lady! I would be greeted with a huge smile, I couldn't help but laugh. It makes me feel good though that I am doing a pretty darn good job, heck of the role of two!

8-she gets pretty hungry and I feed her a good size bowl of baby cereal or a jar of baby food (perferably fruits!) She loves her bananas and mix of strawberries I would say are her favorite.

She then plays in her walker or playpen for awhile, while mommy does the dishes/puts them away, some laundary, some computer/email work. Then about 930/10 is baby nap time!

She naps for like an hr at the most I would say. Then we usually get up (she does) and we play together and have lunch and usually go out and do errands and what not/

12-1 She will have another baby nappers and is starting to take bigger 2nd nappies which is good. WHile mommy works on her school work before she can actually register into school for this August.

Then she eats again after waking up and we play and of course at 5pm every day I try and catch ELLEN! I absolutely love her! I have never laughed so hard in an hr. Sadie even wacthes a few minutes of it too! She likes the theme song!

Then as soon as Ellen ends, mommy gets on her running shoes and gear, music and hand, bottle and binky made just in case and off to run! I have been pushing myself more and more each day running further!

Then we get back about 7, and we wacth WHEEL OF FORTUNE! Wait, before that, mommy collapses on the ground, and catches a breather! ha. Then we watch wheel, call me a grandma! Ha. I am very good at this show and I keep trying to get on it! I figure, its the closest way, I will get to ever winning some kind of money, rather than the "lottery". Ha, pretty come came to the conclusion, thats a no go! A girl can dream!

Then right after the end, Sadie is ready for baby bathies and about 8 o clock is bottle and bedtime!

She usually drinks 3 oz and then sometimes will wake up within an hr and want a little more. I cant get her to eat more than 3 oz at a time. She has weird eatings habits and only eats that much at a time. But I deal with it! She is gaining weight so thats all that matters and is a healthy girly at that!

I just love her with all my heart and I cannot believe 7 months ago &(& a day), I met my 4 lb 15 oz baby girl! WHo is now 13 lb 6.5 oz! I cant believe it! She is truely my light. She is definitely a strong girlie, you wouldnt think seeing her. A lot of people comment and think she is 4 or 5 months. She is little but she is "strong and mighty" as grandma says! :)


Lauren said...

Sadie is precious!! I could look at her smiling pictures all day long! :) Happy 7 months!

michelle hs said...

so adorable! thanks for sharing your life...i can totally tell you love every minute of it! you're such a good mommy to sadie & naomi.

Raven said...

oh ADORABLE! Love me some baby chubs! She really is precious.

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