Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sweetness rolled up into 1

Just thought I would share a little video I took today of my little girl after our walk. Gosh how I love her but I miss my sweetpea Naomi more than ever now. I feel guilty.

YouTube Video

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Jaclyn said...

Cute video! Download the app called BlogPress onto your iPhone and it will let you post pics and text from your phone! Good luck! :)

Andrea said...

Have to admit I was laughing with you! She is so active! Too sweet!

Jill said...

Thank you Jacklyn! I figured it out!! And thank you both for commenting on the video. She was just all over the place! :)

Raven said...

ok Jill I lost your email again. Whenever I go to respond to your comments it always come back to me as undeliverable! I think you should make sure that your email address in blogger is correct, because I LOVE your comments SO MUCH and want to write back to you so badly but it always pops back to me :( total sad face.

and I watched your little video. Girl is PRESH!

Jill said...

Raven-Okay! My email is *finally* changed! I am so sorry!! I saw what the email was. It is from my old tmobile phone and I dont have that anymore its been LONG gone but I just kept using it as my login email address for here. I didn't think much that if anyone wanted to email me! SORRY!! :( But it is now fixed, Id love to hear back from you!

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