Friday, January 28, 2011

Fab Friday Foto's

So I can't contain myself, I just want to share some photos with you all if that is okay, of BOTH of my beautiful girls. Some will be recent of Sadie, and some will be from early weeks, some of Naomi as well. Do you see any resembalance? I SURE DO.

Sorry about all the pictures.. I went picture crazy. But boy, Looking through Naomi's, its been a while, brought me to tears. Oh how looking at them, just brought me back to those very days I was with her.I am SO SO glad I took so many of her.

The first set of pictures from top to bottom, are of Sadie, from NEWEST to oldest. then the last half are of my precious Naomi. Very last one was a few days or weeks after I found out I was pregnant with Naomi, little did I know, my world would change forever 25+ weeks later.

Oh, you see the older guy holding Sadie? Thats my dad. Long story , but so glad he came around with this whole situation. HE NAMED MY DAUGHTER. :) I had always had the name Gracie Faith picked out, but wasn't 100% on it because two of my sisters had commented it sound sort of countryish (and I am by far a country person) and then one said it has too much (Grace & faith) yet since when did I care about their opinion? I even remember the nurses asking when I was in there, I said I dont know just yet! They told me some moms do better when seeing the baby. So while they had brought her into me the 2nd day, my dad was holding her and said, what bout Sadie? I thought, ugh yuck, no. Then the more I said it over and over in my head while looking at her, I go OMG. IT FITS HER. She looks like a Sadie. He even wrote it on a napkin, Sadie Marie. To see how it would look. And I kept that napkin. It is in her baby book where the "name" thing or choices came up. ;) Marie is a very common middle name, goes with alot, and happens to me both my moms and my middle name :). I just do not know how that name came up, was not on my list! ha, but I love it!


Abigail said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of both your precious daughters. They do resemble one another. I love the story on how the name Sadie came to be. I love it because it is not very common. I like unique names

*Laura Angel said...

Worlds cutest babies :)

Jill said...

Thank you both so much! :) Yes, I have ALWAYS loved unqiue names. I just never wanted the common ones for some reason. And now with Naomi, how her name was chosen, while I was a nanny I decided on it.

I used to babysit a yr or so before I was pregnant with Naomi, a little girl name Sasha (2 years old) and her baby sister who was called "mimi". And I later found out her name was Naomi, but Sasha couldn't pronounce Naomi at the time so Mimi was her nickname. And I just fell in love with it. Then I picked up, because at the time I found out I was pregnant was october/november and HOPE was everywhere because of the holidays, I thought if I have a girl, I want Hope to be in her name somewhere. And when I had her that early at 28 weeks, I said for sure, it fits the situation, so I named her Naomi Hope <3

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