Friday, January 28, 2011

Firsts for baby Sadie ! Now the fun begins...

Yesterday, mama tried Beachnut cereal/oatmeal with Sadie for the first time. It was so very cute, she made the usual baby first expressions with it but did pretty well! She ate a couple bites then was a bit fussy so I decided I will stop and nurse her.

I can't believe I have come to the point now to where it is time to actually feed her baby food and things, how exciting & the fun begins! Messy messy times! It just seems like yesterday she were home from the hospital, eating like a baby bird from the tiniest bottles! Oh how my baby is growing! oh! And I also tried carrots with her later on in the day and she liked them! I was surprised! :)

Around 5 o clock last night, I took Sadie for a walk our usual route is the park and then home. So I decided to stop at the swings & I took her out and she sat on mama's lap and we sung for a few minutes. She was a little scared at first but then mama slowed down and we got off and went to the baby swing, (more her type! ;) and well I stood there hesitantly looking to her and then the swing a good 5 times! I wasn't sure if she would go in or not, she just looked so small to me. (But yes in some pictuers she does look big, I just think its the camera ;) but well I thought I will try it! I put her in and she was kind of like "uh mom what is this!?" I pushed her a little but then she ended up getting cranky and then slid on down, so she still has a little more growing to do then she will be able to sit up like a big girl!

This is the best picture I could get! With her fussing when "mom thought oh I better get my phone out for this! Since it was her first time in baby swing at the park!" When my phone would finally take the picture, Sadie's head was turned!

Side note: Naomi would have been 21 months yesterday! :( miss you baby girl OH so much & love you with all of my heart. I have got to start planning and working on the March of Dimes, her birthday (April), and the preeclampsia quilt design!

Oh! Today 1/28/11 I put Sadie down for a nap 2 hrs after waking up, because I noticed she was fussy and I thought let me give it a try. So I nursed her and she fell asleep and I quietly laid her down & stepped out of the room. I thought WOW! She didn't wake up for once and start crying. I go to my mom "watch, in 10 minutes shes going to wake up and start crying." But she DIDNT! She slept for an HOUR! I was so happy. Now, let me explain. For a good few weeks, I had been having difficulty getting her to nap. She would usually fall asleep while feeding and I would lay her down, and she would just end up waking up again screaming and crying, I would try and let her cry it out a little and soothe herself back to sleep, but it wouldnt happen and or I would just go pick her up becasue my heart couldn't take it.

I thought what the heck is wrong with me? Why can't I get her to nap? She always just fell asleep and would wake up as soon as I put her down. I would get frustrated because I know she is still a little baby, and NEEDS her sleep. I do not want her to get sick on me. I know babies and toddlers get sick, but I wanna keep it away as long as I can! We all know sleep is very important. So I belong to this group "Rainbow babies" on facebook and I decided let me ask a question and explain what has been going on with her. And I got a LOT of wonderful feedback, some mommies told me about some boks and some just told me what they do. Like this one mom said she usually puts her baby down 2 hrs after waking up for the morning nap (which sounds pretty good) and then after that waking, maybe 3 or so hrs for afternoon nap.

So I thought I will give it a try. I also have been having a LOT of difficulty at night with her. I thought 5 or 6 was too early for a baby to go down "for the night". My sister does that with her son, and some other mommies start "the routine" then too. So I thought, hm maybe its not too early afterall? But Sadie would cry and cry and just would not go to bed until 9;30 on the dot. She would do the same thing at bedtime as nap time. I would feed her til shes full and she would fall asleep and of course just cry and cry. Now, I did just wake up from a 2 hr nap with her, (she naps SO well on me-but I just cannot nap with her everyday. I wish I can, but mommy has to get things done sometimes!) But she laid on me while I laid in bed and I just have my arm over her and we both sleep in peace!

So with two good naps in today, I am going to see how tonight works with her bedtime to see if having her nap well during the day helps get her easier to sleep at night? Because maybe by night time she is just WAY beyond tired, and I have read that overly tired babies have a hard time sleeping or getting to sleep. I am crossing my fingers for this. I just want to be a good mommy to her, I know I am, but I just wanna be able to figure out whats causing her to cry & cry like this :(. If this doesn't work, my mom suggested calling into her doctor to explain whats going on to see if she would recommend anything else or if something could be possibly wrong. :( I sure hope not.


*Laura Angel said...

Hopefully soon we can have these convo's about babies not sleeping together...right now I have no advice because I have not been through it yet :( Soon! Soon!

Jill said...

awe! Thanks Laura! hehe and yes I cant wait to talk to you about baby Carter and when you have questions, you can ask away on what i did or do! ;0 ahhh not too much longer!!

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