Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A week ago, I noticed Sadie started eating on her hands, so got me thinking, is she starting to teeth a bit? I googled and some said it could be that and or just learning and noticing her hands, developmentally. I thought how cute!

Then sure enough, I come in to check on her napping in her little swing, and I gasped. SHE WAS SUCKING ON HER THUMB!!! It was toooo cute! I just stood there a few minutes watching her. That I noticed was on the 7th.

Then *today* around 2:35 I thought I better hurry up and change Sadie's diaper before I have to run to get my sister from school. And a few minutes prior to that I thought Sadie was doing her business aka "tinky diaper" so when I had her on the changing table I was changing her and I said "no tinkys?!" she made a little noise like a half kinda laugh thing. I gasped. So I said it again, and, SHE STARTED TO LAUGH! I did it again, and she let out another laugh. Oh it was the CUTEST thing I had seen from her lately. I started welling up with tears. I just starred at her. To think those noises and sounds are coming from my little girl, oh she is growing up before my very own eyes! I quickly texted my mom and best friend and a few others. I was too happy!

I know there are lots more milestones to come, I just hope I am around to catch them!

Oh! And a few days ago, I got a text from a wonderful mama I have been talking to and keeping in touch with from the preeclampsia forums. She had told me her and her husband and baby were coming down this way to visit for the day. I was SO excited when I got that text. I had never gotten up so early and showered and got baby Sadie all clean that quick .

As I was walking up to them I started getting very teary eyed. I thought damn it Jill dont cry. Not now. But yet we both have been through hell and back lately and also from losing our sweet firstborns, and how we both now have our rainbow babies and meeting for the first time, oh it was just bittersweet but very nice. I had such a great time with them. We spent the day at the mall and had a nice lunch at Grand Lux Cafe.

I didn't want to say goodbye but good things have to come to an end and so they had to start heading back to their side of town. I am hoping to definitely see them again and next time head up over their way. It was too cute, we were telling everyone that they were on a date together, we got so many comments. Sadie wasnt the little baby anymore though, everywhere I went she was usually the little one! :)


Lisette said...

Enjoy every minute of it. I am so glad that you both were able to meet up and finally get to see eachother with your rainbows. What a wonderful thing to see.

Jill said...

awe! Thank you so much! It was wonderful!

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