Monday, January 24, 2011

Mindless Monday!

Today, I watched on tv, along with many others, thousands I am sure, the memorial service of two fallen police officers that lost their lives in the line of duty this past Thursday. They were serving a warrent for an arrest for this guy, who was accused of a homocide. And to elude police officers and get away, he shot them and the one (male) died instantly and the other officer (female) died on the operating table.

Here these officers risk their lives every single day and are protecting our community and idiotic people have to take the lives of these police officers who are just doing their job. It brought me to tears, while the wife of the one offficer was holding hands with her two sons and other son following behind while walking into the building.

And yet, learning of the exact same happenings AGAIN and two other officers killed in another city/county just is horrendous and so tragic. I will keep these families and friends and victims in my prayers & thoughts.


Lisette said...

It is so tragic. My brother's are in law enforcement so hearing things like this just makes me cringe. Praying for their families.

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