Wednesday, March 16, 2011

6 months and 12 hrs old...

My little girl Sadie Marie Marish is offically 6 months old. I honestly cannot believe it. Where has the time gone? I feel like I just wrote her 5 month old post yesterday. *cries* You think they are lying when they tell you, "In the blink of an eye" but no really, its TRUE.

Sadie is shining her personality each and every day. She amazes me. She is always doing something new and different each day. Lately, she has been grabbing for things and is very very wiggly. It surprised me because it like happened over night!

She is becoming more aware of herself, still looks at her hands and is starting to chew more on them especially today I noticed it. She is probably teething is my guess. She is still in 1-2 diapers. She drinks 2-3 oz, but tonight and last night she guzzled down 4-5 oz and that was HUGE, I had never seen that. I think I had heard that 6 months is a growth spurt, so that may be possibly what she is going through. I have to do some reading up on that!

So this morning, she had her 6 month checkup. I was sitting there in the waiting room where all the families and kiddies weight. I am holding Sadie and this guy comes out from the check out area with his son((who is my guess a month or two older than Sadie) and very strangley doesn't say anything before saying this these are the first words out of his mouth really loudly,"IS SHE YOUR FIRST!?". I was holding Sadie and I just said, "no.". He then seemed very odd talking to me and said, "there is a parenting class and" I couldnt catch the rest really word for word but he did say how they loved this class and they learned alot & how he wants everyone to know about it because they had so much fun.

Ha, really? Does he want me to believe that shit? I think not. I got the feeling he "assumed" I am some really young trashy girl who doesn't know what I am doing with a baby. WELL WELL WELL, if only he knew how good I am of taking care of her and that I have had YEARS of experience as a nanny, daycare and babysitting. Childcare is my life, kids are my life, and so are both my babies. And then there was this blonde 15 month old little boy around in front of me and he goes "is that yours?". I said, "um no". I wanted to scream at him "she is fucking dead". He just really rubbed me the wrong way, and I am sorry for cursing on here, I never do, just that he caught me off guard with all this talk.

Well, the rest of her appointment went well, Sadie at 6 months weighs 12.5 lbs (3% tile) and 25 inches (20% tile). I was concerned once I heard those and I asked the doctor she did say that they are comparing her to normal 6 month olds but that she was infact born at 35 weeks (almost). But did say she wanted her to come back next month for a weight check, instead of the 3 month gap until her 9 month checkup. She also said that Sadie can have 2-3 oz of water and can start with babyfoods and can also wear baby sunscreen! So I am excited about that because summer is around the corner and I just can't wait to get her to the waterpark and at our pool as well! Mama must keep working on her bathingsuit figure! :)

Sadie got her two shots and I swear she is a strong little ladi! She nurse even commented on her , she cried for like a very split second with the last one and it didnt really even phase her. Mama was glad, because I hate when she is in pain.

So later on in the afternoon, my friend Amy had been wanting me to come by so she can give Sadie her very late xmas gift. I said she so did not have to do that but she insisted. I had kept missing her and finally decided since I didnt have my nephew I will head over there, I figured I better not head off to the mall and spend money I do not have. I told her I wouldnt stay very long because Sadie didnt nap well before. I got there and I was amazed and I feel bad to say it but disgusted. She lives with I think two friends, its a house, prob 3 bedrooms but it was absolutely FILTHY. I could see dirt and stuff all on the floor and it was a pig mess. How could anyone live in that? I just girted through my teeth and forced a smile and thought omg get me the heck out of here.

I am a very clean person and especially Sadie as well. Everyone comments on how nice smelling she is all the time and clean she is. Well thats right, I take care of her well and I make sure she is cleansed and bathed. How could anyone let their kids be filthy all the time? I'm sorry, I can't. I am not a clean freak as I used to be, but I like things to be tidy and clean. :)

She ended up giving Sadie 3 outfits that were 6 months, yet because Sadie is still small, I know they would fit her for awhile, and she got her two toys, and a push walker thingy, that at 9 months it says you can start using. I was floored, I didn't expect all that from her. And her and I never spoke in highschool, I knew of her, but never was in that clique. She and I met through Naomi's loss again on myspace and she reached out to me which I thought was thoughtful. Yet, I stayed away from her because she smoked cigs the whole time she was pregnant with her last son and I was really sickened by that especialy she knew how Naomi is gone. I just didnt like seeing that so I stayed away.

But I was and am very thankful for her thoughtfulness of Sadie & I. She did come when I was in hospital before having Sadie and showered me with gifts, she knew my situation, again I thought was SO very kind of her.

Well she had her friend over that she says sometimes stay there for awhile, her daughter came out and I asked how old she is. She said almsot 2. I thought oh boy, here we go again. So I was watching her and thought, if Naomi lived or was born when she shouold have this is what she would be like, well in a nutshell. I then asked, whens her birthday? She said July 20th. I just went, ohh and forced a smile. Naomi's due date was July 19, 2009. :( but she was born due to emergency c section and severe preeclampsia on April 27, 2009.

Happy 6 months to my beautiful little Sadie!!! I know your sister is up watching over you and making sure you continue growing like the big girly you are and performing all the milestones one way or another. Love both of my girlies!


*Laura Angel said...

Some people are plain rude. It saddens me that he would even possibly think that about you!! :( Happy 6 months Sadie bug :)

Abigail said...

I agree how very rude & honestly none of his business!!! Happy 6 months to you Sadie!!! XxOo

Holly said...

She's growing for she! What a little sweetie! Just seeing her pictures make me smile :)

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