Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lists, Lists, Lists

I don't know about you, but I surely know about me. I am a HUGE list writer. I always have so many thoughts all jumbled around in my head, things I want to get done/do, dates and events to remember, etc.

I always find myself grabbing a piece of paper and jotting all of it down, and yet I will always think I forgot something or want to rewrite it and I grab other papers later on to find out I have the same list with a few differences on it. Call me crazy.

Like, I had a little area I created on this desk out in the dining area, and Its my little corner. I have a couple things on it and one is my list. I keep saying I will get to it later or tonight or when Sadie naps, but I keep putting it down for LATER. It makes me feel SO relieved once I CROSS things off the list. Yet to always add another thing! Does that happen to you? Are any of you big list writers?

I came across Vanna White's blog. Yes, I watch Wheel of Fortune, call me an old lady ;). My grandmother got me into it YEARS ago, I stopped but lately I watch it all the time with Sadie before I get her ready for bed. We go for our nightly walk/run arond 6, get back around 7, and I run in and put the tv on. I am so darn good at that show. The other day, my best friend was over and she was just amazed at how fast I could pick up the puzzles, I told her I keep trying to become a contestant, and I pick the "best friends" week or "family" week. I told her, IF i get picked, SHE is coming with me. :) Anyways, So I found a blog of hers just now and she happens to be a list writer as well!

Gave me a good idea, she always has a list up on WORD document on her computer and will always add to it for things to get done. Yet she has her calendar or date book for apts and what not (which I NEED to get). I dont even carry a purse anymore, I just have my wallet and my keys and makeup bag, in the diaper bag itself. But, I would love to get a trendier diaper bag and maybe a smaller one or purse for mama too. Oh, thats on my "wish" list. Along with 358574954 other things! You would be surprised! That I shall leave for another post, maybe later for tonight? We all have "wish lists!"


*Laura Angel said...

You old lady you!!! OMG I write 23873 lists a day! I swear we have so much in common!! :)

Jill said...

Lmao, I laughed, seriously, loved that "you old lady you!" hahah. Awe, wow, really!? So I am not the only one!? Ah, I had no idea!! Ugh, and I feel like I need to write another one now!! khjlgjfgfhjk We surely do have a LOT in common! I wish we just didn't live so far away! I cannot WAIT to meet you in November. Omg, we must make a day out of it!!!!!

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