Monday, March 7, 2011

NOT so Marvelous Monday, and then some

Its been some time since I had blogged, and let me tell you did I miss it. Our internet was down for a few days and finally got up and working last night, but I was too tired too blog about anything!

Fast forward to today, 3pm, and I JUST got miss monster down for her FIRST name of the day. Yes. I babysit my nephew from 9 am to 3 pm, and well today, they both were at it. I thought, what the heck is in the drinking water because it was odd for them both to be not having such a great day. But, just like us big people, we have our days as well!

I usually try and hold out one or the other a bit, to tie their naps together, so mama can have her own time, usually doing dishes or laundary or picking up after my family. Heck, a clean home is a happy home, right?

Well, I was able to get my nephew down, Sadie, just SCREAMED AND SCREAMED as if she were being tortured poor little thing. I let her a few minutes, but then went to rescue her and tried and tried for an hr. I was quite frustrated and had to cool off outside for a minute, because I was losing it. :( Eventually, my nephew woke up. So as he did, I through on my jogging clothes and shoes, changed Jimmy and made bottles, and went on a MUCH needed long hr of a walk/jog. They liked the fresh air, I had my tunes blaring and it helped relieve some stress. Of course, Sadie fell asleep HALFWAY into the walk and woke up when we got home. But thats okay, I took it.

Lets see, other tidbit randomness of my life: My best friend had got me $100 gift certificate to Glamour Shots in the middle of our local mall for Christmas. She knew I had been so upset that I did not get newborn pics, and didn't really have the money to get pics done. I was so happy yet I put it off and off. There was probably a reason for that! If only I knew. I finally made the appointment for 12, on Saturday. They told me to bring 3-4 different outfits. I was excited! They then had called to change the apt time from 12 to 1. I was a bit bummed because she had napped perfectly from 10:30 to 11:30 that morning and I thought she would do well at 12.

Well, we got there, and let me tell you, she was NOT having it. The photographer was a girl, and usually she does fine with woman, (its men she gets scared from). But this woman just did something to her (view wise) and she didn't like it. She SCREAMED and screamed. I laid her down she was not happy. We got a few shots of her in between crying. WE took severeal breaks. Then, finally they thought, lets get mama in the picture. And before, I had said no, because I only wanted her, and I didnt have extra money for my hair and makeup. Well they slid me in for free :). I admit it was so nice to get my makeup done and hair and I felt pamepred. I never had airbrush make up before, so that was a first!

So, I was able to hold her a bit and she still wasn't too happy but we got a few nice ones. They asked me to bring in anything that was her favorite, but since she is only 5.5 months old, she doesn't have anything just yet, but I did bring in a picture of Naomi. They all at first, thought it was her as a baby. I said no & explained briefly. Then towards the end of Sadie's fiasco (yet never got to change outfits :() the photop, set up a BEAUTIFUl display, she had Naomi's picture with pink rose petals around it and a pink butterfly standing on the picture. Let me tell you, I started to cry. And of course, Sadie was not having it either. She kept screaming. Poor little thing!

Well, at the end when it was time to pick and choose pictures, I got it down to about 15 I liked. The price you ask? OVER 2 grand. Yup. So not happening. I was shocked. So she asked if that was in my budget. No, not even CLOSE. So we tried to narrow down more, she got it to about half, of that. Still not good enough. Finally, she got it to $500 something. I took it. I still do not have that money on me. But, it was allowed 4 printable pictures and 4 other ones. I REALLY hope that included the collage on DVD. It made me cry. The pictures were beautiful and the song they choose was "in my daugherters eyes" and just the ones with Sadie & Naomi's picture, I started to cry. They handed me tissues.

So, I was able to pay $180, but they did want half. I explained, I did not have that in my account, I even SHOWED her. But I told her I do babysit, so if I could bring some more of the money in this week, and she gladly said sure. They had no other choice,I just did NOT have that on me. I am quite upset, for spending that much money, I had a friend that emailed me on FB that said she does pictures and would do them for $80 and I would get all of them. Should have went that way. Oh well.

But I must say, I am quite excited to have them and will be showing them off as soon as I get them!


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