Saturday, March 26, 2011

A picture is really worth a *thousand* words...

Back in 2009 when I was a nanny, I would do arts and crafts with the babies, (they were 11 months apart, very close) and they enjoyed it. Even tho, I wasn't the best at it, I would try my best. One day, I took out markers and glitter and what not with them and I started to doodle daddle. I was also pregnant with Naomi then. I did not know what her name was going to be at this point and time.

I dated the back of the picture, January 2009. (I had Naomi, April 2009). I ended up keeping it, just because I liked it, and made a great memory of when I was their nanny. Well, fast forward to yesterday. I have had it taped on my mirror that overlooks Sadie's changing table for some reason. I think I had it there even a long time ago as well. Never took it down. Well yesterday, I was changing Sadie getting her ready for when my friend came over to babysit, and I was looking at the picture, and I couldn't believe what I just had noticed. After all this time, I just noticed something. Weather you think about it, or that my imagination went there, its up to you :).

As you can see, I wrote a couple words on the paper, and one of them happened to be HOPE. Again, I did not know any kind of name for my daughter at this point. I didn't choose her name until mid feb/March. Well then as you can see, near the word HOPE is a rainbow. Put two and two together, I see that HOPE is Naomi's middle name and the rainbow, well, look how everything happened, and I now have my "rainbow". I just was shocked to have seen that and noticed that for the first time ever, yet the drawing was there forever.

Kind of took me by surprise and I just stood there for a minute looking at the picture, and thought, hmm, when drawing this picture, had I known that alll of this would happen to ME, MY LIFE, be MY STORY. Wow.


*Laura Angel said...

amazing :) :)

Abigail said...

Wow....reading this gave me the chills.

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